Ever wonder what a seamstress from the 1700s and a modern tailor would dream up were they to collaborate on a little girl’s clothing collection today? The answer is London-based Hucklebones. Named after the designer’s childhood Shetland pony, Hucklebones marries timeless quality fabrics from European mills with exclusive in-house specialty prints to produce heirloom pieces every little girl dreams of twirling about in…

With materials such as cashmere and wool (and prices from $32-$143), these are certainly not your everyday play clothes. But how lovely would it be to pass on a few precious pieces to your children – and their children, as well? I often wonder if it would inspire thoughtfulness in a child to know their clothing will be saved for future generations. Sure, juice boxes spill and shoes scuff, but does a revolving door of new, low-quality clothing lead to carelessness in one’s attitude toward things? And does purchasing heirloom clothing dictate greater respect in a wardrobe?

Of course, I suppose if I were to justify expensive clothing purchases, I’d have to learn to tailor, sew and mend first. There’s a first time for everything, yes?

Above are a few of my favorite pieces that I’d welcome both in Bee’s closet (and my own!). Visit Hucklebones online or shop their U.S. collection at Childrensalon.

  • I love this theory. I am definitely guilty of thinking, ” when you spend less on something that is intended on being temporary (whether it is adult fashion or children’s wear) your amount of caring equals the price”. Washing machine vs. Hand washing vs. Dry cleaner.
    To tackle this with my mini (4yo), I have started giving her small amounts of money (some out of generosity, some from birthday cards, some earned) and allowed her to learn the basics of shopping. Keep in mind, we are starting at the Lego store. When she sees that the money that was once hers is being subtracted and going towards something she desires, she instantly values her purchase more and feels proud that she was able to complete a transaction herself (like the big girls do!) Even if it was a $5 purchase. It is more about valuing your decisions and your mind frame when making purchases, whether it is inexpensive or not, than the overall cost of an item

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