I used to dream of being a shop owner (OK, I still do), so naturally, I’m drawn to Luvocracy, the newest social shopping platform of the moment. It’s like Pinterest, only it rewards its members for any purchases they refer, and all buyers can purchase each product directly from Luvocracy itself. And even though I hate the idea of yet another medium to “keep up with,” I’m having fun playing with it for now. Care to join me? Feel free to use my invite code and take a peek around. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Note: What do shop owners and sellers think of this? Are you noticing an uptick of sales (even though the site is fairly new?)? Or are you disturbed by the lack of click-through to your own sites? Please share – I’m super curious!

    • @Jenny – Exactly what I was thinking in terms of a shop owner’s perspective. I totally understand how this could be a downer in their eyes. Thank you for sharing!!!

  • I’m pretty sure I can’t handle this. My online shopping habit will push my brain into explosion territory and I can’t deal!

  • I definitely think some things need to be worked out with this site before I’ll use it. I do wish there were links to the original shop because if I see a necklace, let’s say, that I like, I usually don’t just purchase it right away but want to see what other items the designer makes (if that makes sense). Also, when it comes down to it, I prefer purchasing directly from the artist/designer/independent shop. I’m also a little fuzzy on how this commission thing works. I think the site has potential but as it stands right now, it will not be a place I shop.

    • @Down and out Chic – Excellent point that you’d like to see the rest of the collection! That makes so much sense!!!

  • I think this rips off designers and shop owners. Independent esigners are not asked before their items are listed on the site, which seems super shady.

  • about to embark on a blog post about it. they aren’t asking retailers to participate, while making it seem that they do. i hate that.

  • Hi Erin,

    I am delighted to hear that you are enjoying Luvocracy — no doubt other members are enjoying your recommendations too! I also appreciate the concerns raised by your readers and want to let you know we’re working to address them.

    We are early, and while we believe we’ve built a great shopping experience through recommendations, we know we have to evolve our service to make sure we in particular meet the needs of independent retailers, artisans, and designers.

    We want your input, and are actively meeting with others in the community who want to help us get it right, so let us know if you’d be willing to talk with us directly. Either way, we will post an update on our blog soon about our planned changes and will make sure to keep you in the loop.


    CEO, Luvocracy
    [email protected]

    • Hi Nathan:

      I appreciate your response! I’m already in contact with someone at Luvocracy, but will be sure to stay abreast on the latest via your blog. Thank you!

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