edible crayons for tasting and art-ing.

We’ve seen fruit-shaped crayons, but what about fruit-tasting crayons? Luxirare blogger Ji Kim has boggled the minds of every DIY-loving mom, creating a series of food bars to be molded and formed in the shape of crayons. The kicker is – they actually draw

Each shade of crayon was created using foods grouped by color, rather than taste. (The green hue contains the likes of peas, green beans, dried kiwi, green fruity pebbles and dried pumpkin seeds – the latter of which are surprisingly green, rather than orange!) Mixed, pressed and combined with melted marshmallow for texture, the bars are relatively healthy and undoubtedly inspired.

And yes, they work. When you’re busy lecturing your tots about not playing with their food, they’re likely bartering health bar colors as they color a landscape drawing of your family on the new white tablecloth you just washed. Convenient? Not likely.

But fun? Yes indeed.

If you’re feeling especially crafty (although this project is a challenge, folks!) you can read more about the specific ingredients Ji Kim worked with to create her own bars (and the process behind each). And don’t forget a nontoxic crayon mold for shaping (or, you can make your own mold).

Image Credit: Luxirare

p.s. Did you know kids are more drawn to plates containing at least six colors? A box of crayons might be the magic solution for the picky eater in your life!
p.p.s. Care for a side of veggie finger paint?

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