A 100% Recyclable Chair For Kids

I often think about how I’ll discuss the idea of recycling with Bee when she grows old enough to learn the concept. Will she look around her room, confused by the lack of recyclable furniture that exists in our own home? I’m admittedly a bit of an ecological hypocrite (we don’t even have a compost!), so I’m always keeping an eye open to integrate systems and products that will help us lead by example – in the least intimidating fashion, that is. Enter the Rip + Tatter chair, a 100% recyclable chair, perfectly suited for little buns.

Designed by NYC-based Pete Oyler and produced by Assembly Design, the Rip + Tatter chair’s goal is simple: to create nontoxic seating that is both recyclable and lightweight – perfect for letting the littles drag them around from room to room. Sculpted with zero chemicals (just a good, old-fashioned hammer and industrial cardboard!), the idea is inspired in more ways than one.

It’s a smart alternative to the growing costs of children’s products, especially considering the non-precious nature of the design. Because the Rip + Tatter chair is meant to invite imagination and play to the child’s life, it beckons finger paint, messy snacks and smudged fingers. The furniture equivalent of trendy torn jeans, if you will: perfectly play-worthy, yet surprisingly stylish.

The look reads more industrial than most, ideal for a modern nursery or lofted playroom and perfect for design-driven parents seeking unfussy furnishings for their little ones. And at $120 per chair (yes, it’s actually in production!), it’s incredibly affordable given the handmade nature and sustainable design. The even better news? If (when?) your kids have “ruined it,” simply place it on the curb with the rest of your recycling and rest easy knowing you’re not sending out additional trash into the world.

Of course, I’m a firm believer that the most environmentally-friendly practice is simply to purchase quality, timeless furniture you’ll keep for decades (remember this heirloom chair for kids?). Yet for the accident-prone child (or your feisty triplet nephews!), sometimes it’s nice to have a stress-free back-up plan. Children, raise those safety scissors! Happy playing.

Image Credit: Pete Oyler

p.s. Did you know that recycling pizza boxes cause more harm than good? I had no idea!
p.p.s. Just for fun: The cardboard castle chair and a biodegradable chair made from paper pulp.


  • It would be great to be able to buy super-wonderfully designed kid furniture to be able to pass down, but since that’s not an option for many people….. This is such a fun chair! Love the idea of letting them just have at it.

    • @Jeanette – Isn’t that the best thing? There’s little better than something you can give to your kids and say “Here! It’s all yours for the messing!” :)

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