On Schedules And Spontaneity

I always love hearing about how mothers spend their days with their littles – are they homebodies, like Bee and me? Or do they explore, seek and play outdoors – always ready for a new adventure? I was recently asked to share my day on So, How Was Your Day? – a brilliant peek into the day planners of fellow creatives – and was surprised at how, after writing out my daily routine, tied to a schedule I truly am.

Perhaps that’s why the transition to motherhood was so difficult for me; I have zero spontaneous cells swimming throughout my body. But at the same time, I think it’s so important for Bee to learn to adapt to various circumstances, so this week, I’m making an effort to ditch the day planner and enjoy a few adventures. Yesterday, Ken and I visited our local pet store to look at the fish tanks and puppies – it was like the ultimate indoor zoo experience! Bee wasn’t impressed, but she did seem to love a particular gerbil that looks a bit like Bernie.

Here’s to braving cold weather, embracing spontaneity and throwing the day planner out the window. (At least for the week!)

Tell me – did you find yourselves tied to a schedule with your babies? It’s insane how often I use “I’ve got a baby” as an excuse to stay home! I’d love to hear if you guys are similar…

  • Your day sounds so grounded and balanced—it’s so nice that you get to be with Bee AND do your work. We have a routine, more than a schedule, but we do get out most everyday because my little 9 month old gets bored fairly easily…taking walks is usually an essential part of making it through our day. (Which means I can’t wait for the warmer weather!).

    • @Amy – OMG I can’t wait for warmer weather, either! I need tips for places to go in the winter – I know cold air is great for babies but I’m also terrified of flu season. Gosh I’m a mama wuss!

  • Forrest is 6-months old and I’m still realizing we can go just about anywhere, take a bottle if necessary (and nursing wouldn’t be convenient), and let him sleep when needed, with just a little extra planning. I’m talking weekends because unfortunately I have to work full-time during the week, but it opened up my time to visit friends again and join parties again and just go. He likes the new experiences and has adapted beautifully so far, and I just remind myself if he’s fussy or has trouble sleeping that evening or next day we can adjust our adventure next time as needed. I think babies need some schedule, some more so than others, but I’m finding Forrest is okay if we stretch it occasionally and explore.

    • @Jamie – I’ve been noticing the same! I think I assumed Bee would thrive on routine (which she does, to some extent), but had completely forgotten the ability to just GO, as well. :)

  • I loved reading about your day! I find it fascinating to hear how others spend their time, especially when factoring a little person into the mix. My wee boy is 7 months now and I find myself being a real homebody in the mornings and an adventurer (relatively speaking) in the afternoons. Our mornings sound remarkably like yours – sheet-scratching and all! Fingers crossed for some good weather for you this week – it’s edging towards spring but still pretty cold in London!

    • @Vics – Ah, I love that our littles sound so alike! Bee has a similar day – her dad is much more spontaneous, so they like to take outings to the hardware store together. :) Best of both worlds!

  • I always used to be super flexible with routines for my little one and would go out all the time and let her sleep wherever. But then she started doing these lovely long naps in her crib and only short ones in her stroller/car seat so we are a bit of a slave to the schedule now. She loves to get out and about though so we always go out somewhere during the day. Even if it’s just grocery shopping or the swings in the park. She’s 10 months old now and things are always changing!

  • I had my son about 8 weeks ago and I’ve actually found myself using him as an excuse to get out of the house more! I work from home to begin with, but I’m only half-working now that he’s around, so whenever an opportunity presents itself to get out for a bit, I convince myself that it’s a good way for me to feel more productive if I manage to put on a coat and shoes and see some other faces during the day. Before he came around, I was a total homebody!

    • @Kirstin – That’s so funny! And you probably ARE much more productive than the rest of us homebody-workers. ;)

  • Rooney is 11.5 months, and now that she is down to 2 naps, we are getting better at leaving the house. I’m a major homebody, but am so eager for spring so we can hit up the park :)

  • I’m an unstoppable roamer, much to my routine-loving hates-unpredictability partner. He does mostly the same thing for each day of the week when he is home, so it’s the same community center playing on this day and library story time on that day and most are short walks from our place. I pick the farthest unexplored neighborhood or adventure from our house and then zigzag my way back, hitting new libraries or coffee shops or beaches or playgrounds all the way home and never the same thing twice unless it’s radically awesome. My kids know who does what and appreciate the differences/qualities each of us brings to the table. Nap time is for staying home and doing chores, but the rest of the time I need fresh air and daylight and exploring! My husband balances that and as a result our kids can sit and read for long stretches of quiet time and then get goofy on road trips and not freak out in new unfamiliar settings. Knock on wood they keep both sets of those qualities!

  • I’m a total homebody. My 6 month old is not. He likes his changes of scenery this one. Often we’ll be having a lovely morning crawling around and filing our place with giggles, but we have a small apartment and he runs out of corners to explore pretty quick. It doesn’t help that he’s not a fan of napping in his crib so usually when he gets fussy we hop in the stroller and just go. He might make it a few blocks before he falls asleep, and then i get to treat myself to a hot chocolate. Like a lot of ladies above i’m SO looking forward to warm weather when we can just walk around our city all day and find new adventures.

    • @Sara – Ah, your day sounds so beautiful, Sara!!! My house has quite a few corners to explore, but I’m afraid she’s getting tired of them, as well! Excited for spring to come so we can hit the playground for some fresh air and a change of scenery! :)

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