A Perfectly Modern Baby Book

I’m often asked where to find modern baby books – the kind that aren’t sugar and saccharine, but that are meaningful and high quality and will serve as a landing pad for the scattered memories we so desperately want to hoard during those first few months. And although my old favorite was an admittedly expensive Binth design, I’ve found a new kid on the block that I love even more (at a fraction of the price):

The Welcome Baby! book offers a gender-neutral, whimsically modern and tenderly inspired home to document the many miracles and milestones of your little one’s first year. From birthdays to haircuts, each page features heartwarming quotes and playful illustrations in a timeless, classic design. It’s the non-precious-but-oh-so-precious baby book, free from lace, satin and overtly baby details.

And at just $28, it’s my new go-to gift for mamas both new and old (and perhaps, myself!). Happy gifting!

Image Credits: My Sweet Muffin

p.s. For your more studious friends, have you seen The New York Times baby book?
p.p.s. Might I also recommend The Mom’s 5-Second Journal?

  • My sister-in-law started this, and I’ve adopted it as well: using a wall calendar as a baby book, writing down milestones, activities, funny quotes, etc. on the day that they happen. I like the immediacy of it, I was never able to commit to a baby book very well, and the calendar is always up and available. This is a beautiful one though, I’ve admired the Binth one for years but couldn’t justify the price!

    • @Margaux Oh yes – I love that journal, too! And ha, it’s never too late to start a new baby book, yes? ;) (LOVE the Times, btw!)

  • This is not fair. I was not able to find cool baby books anywhere. Not sure why there haven’t been more great baby book designs, but I love the Binth baby books (I got to check out their shop and interview them for a blog post. Love their designs!) This baby book looks gorgeous, too. I feel like buying a ton of them and just passing them out to pregnant women I see.

  • Hmmm. I have already started assembling my book for baby (coming in just a few weeks!) I used a large cream KOLO book/album I can customize and insert things with photo corners. Sort of a minimal scrapbook – without being ‘scrapbooky’ ;)
    It’s perfectly modern for our modern nursery, and the size (# of pages) is adjustable in case I get carried away ;)
    I’ve already added ultrasound photos & the darling baby shower invitations…this one you show here though is darling and I might have to gift someone with it!

  • I ordered this adorable baby book last week and happened upon your post today. I love this book! It’s beautiful without being flowery, very hip. We don’t know the gender of our baby and the “Aqua” book has yellow, grey, and aqua pages inside which are perfect for either boy or girl. The prompts inside are thoughtful without being cheesy, and don’t seem overwhelming. It is the PERFECT gift for any expecting mama!

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