10 Bean Bags

Now that Bee’s on the move, I’ve been taking greater measures to ensure her safety in our home (I’ll be sharing a few peeks soon!). I won’t lie – it’s been a bit hard to make a few design sacrifices in the spirit of baby-proofing, but I’ve also found it easier than I thought it would be in a lot of cases. Exhibit A: Bean bags, which can make excellent stand-ins for ottomans and also provide a comfy spot for the mini in your life. (If you can get past the attached memories of college dorm rooms and childhood basements, that is!) Here are 10 of my faves (2 of which were just released last week!):

1. Grey stars handkerchief bean bag ($130) at Blabla
2. Pink bird bean bag ($110) at La De Dah Kids
3. Navy cross bean bag ($110) at La De Dah Kids
4. Edward bean bag ($180) at Ferm Living
5. Aqua bean bag chair ($94) at Linens-n-Things
6. Black and white striped bean bag chair ($313) at Wayfair
7. Purl pink handkerchief bean bag ($130) at Blabla
8. Happy zoo bean bag chair ($313) at Wayfair
9. Swiss bean bag chair ($313) at Wayfair
10. Banana bean bag chair ($44) at Overstock

p.s. I’ll be sharing more registry updates later this week!
p.p.s. A cardboard chair.

  • Bean bag chairs are great! I’m an outreach librarian and I go into a special education school once a month and I’ll often see the kids lounging/napping in bean bag chairs. They look so comfy, I wish I could cuddle up with them and do storytime from there. :)

  • I LOVED my huge beanbag chair as a kid! We have a big dog pillow (and a dog who doesn’t shed much, amen!) that he likes to face plant on; an beanbag chair would be fab. I’m happy to report that Forrest started crawling Friday night – what is it about the heat register, anyway? Ours is in the floor and he made a beeline for the thing. While it’s entertaining as all heck and he doesn’t move very fast yet, I’m eagerly waiting for your baby-proofing tips. = )

  • Very cute. When I started my bean bag chair company, I made sure to offer a lot of different styles for kids- not just plain solid colors. I’d love for you to check out what we have if you get a chance! It’s Ahh! Products (as in ahh… that bean bag is comfy!). http://Www.ahhprods.com is the site. We even have bean bags for American Girl sized dolls…. Mini-minikind :). Thanks and hope to hear what you think of our styles!

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