Kidspiration: The Farmer’s Market

When I lived in Los Angeles, visiting the farmer’s market was a huge highlight of my weekend. The sights and sounds and smells and flavors were the perfect way to kick-start two days of rest, relaxation and quality time with Ken and the pups. And now that we’re in the Midwest, the changing seasons make me all the more appreciative of our town’s small farmer’s market every Wednesday morning. Sure, we can’t visit year-round, but we can certainly enjoy the experience for a few giddy months. The good news, of course, is that our sweet minis can soak up their own farmer’s market fun at home (all year long!) with these delightfully delicious goodies from a few of my favorite shops (Hint: you’re not going to believe how inexpensive that market stand is!):

1. Bobo Choses Hat ($49)
2. Children’s Market Stand ($15)
3. Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart ($49)
4. Bobo Choses Apron ($49)
5. Stuffed Fruit & Veggies ($7)
6. Embroidered Organic Food Rug ($255)
7. Bobo Choses Overalls ($95)
8. Crocheted pears ($30)
9. Temporary fruit tattoos ($14)

After all, if the littles play with their veggies, they’re likely to eat them, too, right? (Right?)

p.s. Fruit crayons and veggie finger paint!

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