Oink, Oink!

One of the most valuable lessons my parents taught me was the ability to budget wisely and save, save, save. So before Bee was born, Ken and I knew we’d strive to pass along that same wisdom our parents had given us. Although I always relied heavily on the envelope system as a kid, there’s something so very nostalgic about a good, old-fashioned piggy bank. (Of course, I’d hardly call the above picks old-fashioned, but they’re certainly full of charm, yes?) Today, enjoy a few of my favorite modernized, quirky piggy banks from around the web!:

1. Oink Ceramic Piggy Bank ($74) at gSelect
2. Miss Monnipenni ($102) at Siebensachen
3. Chalk Piggy Bank ($85) at Ladies & Gentlemen Studio
4. Drop Money Bank ($44) at Greener Grass Design
5. Cardboard Piggy Bank ($19) at Wannekes
6. Copilcus ($31) at Art Lebedev Studio
7. Coink ($42) at Greener Grass Design
8. Glass Pig Bank ($28) at Furbish Studio
9. Enviro Bank ($24.75) at Earthology

p.s. Here’s NPR’s take on allowances.
p.p.s. My all-time favorite piggy bank.

  • We have a piggy bank! My work banker gave it to me because he has a son a bit older than mine and we were comparing notes one morning. It’s plastic and has the bank logo on the side but Forrest LOVES to smack it around on the floor and make a ton of racket when he’s in the kitchen with me. It keeps him entertained so I can totally tolerate the noise. = )

  • Yay! I’ve actually for real been looking for a piggy bank for my son, and I haven’t been able to find anything good. These are wonderful– (It figures I like the most expensive one the best.)

  • oh! i LOVE the glass one so one can see the money “grow”. getting this now even though my daughter is only 1 year old. she’ll love dropping coins in it.

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