Registry Update: Feeding Time

You guys. I didn’t even include bibs in my registry, if that gives you any idea as to how desperately need to revise this section of my recommended registry. Here we go!:

A must-have for sore, nursing mamas, Bella B Nipple Nurture Butter comes highly recommended and contains only safe, edible ingredients for baby.
Update: I didn’t receive this for any showers, but I was gifted Lansinoh, so I used that instead (and LOVED it). Also, funny story – I accidentally slathered on organic diaper ointment instead of nipple cream for the first three days of Bee’s life. (I kept wondering why it wouldn’t seal in the pump!) My gracious, that poor baby.

Washable nursing pads are great, but I’d have a few disposable versions on hand, as well (who knows the next time the laundry machine will be free from burp cloths, swaddle blankets, onesies and more?!).
Update: The washable nursing pads I chose were super duper non-efficient and leaked nonstop (and would also fold over and bunch up, which is an odd look for anyone). F- for me on that pick. I loved these disposable ones though, and still use them daily!

Choosing a pacifier is a matter of taste, and BabyCenter has a wonderfully comprehensive pacifier guide I’d recommend. We chose Natursutten’s BPA-Free Natural Rubber Rounded Pacifier because it’s BPA-free, natural and rounded: three of our most important criteria.
Update: Bee never took to a pacifier, so I can’t accurately comment on how great my pick was here. I will say that there’s no need to purchase more than a few until you know that a pacifier is soothing to your baby (I had no idea some babies didn’t love pacifiers?!).

Although it’ll be a few months before baby will be joining you at the dinner table, a high chair is a great registry gift for groups or families who might want to spend a bit more to welcome your babe. I love the Tavo High Chair for its modern design, and because it’s designed to scoot up to standard dining tables, you won’t need to fuss with a tray.
Update: I am obsessed, obsessed, obsessed with this high chair. It’s easy to clean and I love that Bee can scoot right up to the dining room table to eat with us, rather than sitting off to the side with a separate tray. A+ on this one!

A feeding pillow can make a world of difference when positioning your baby for a comfortable meal. A basic Boppy and water resistant cover are affordable and will likely become staples in your household as of day one!
Update: I never purchased the Boppy, but a friend brought one over during week two when nursing was still crazy difficult, and it worked wonders with positioning. But it still wasn’t quite right for me, so I’d recommend borrowing a Boppy before investing in one. (Of course, if you don’t use it for nursing, I imagine it makes a great body pillow for baby during those early months.) Also, can I offer a sidenote here? The only nursing position that worked for us was recommended by a La Leche League consultant and I can’t sing its praises enough. It sounds really crazy – there’s a description here, but I’m also happy to link to a video in the comment section if any nursing mamas are having trouble!

You’ll be washing quite a few bottles in those first six months, so invest in a bottle drying rack that isn’t a major eyesore in your kitchen. I love the design of the Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack – and it’s countertop-friendly!
Update: LOVE this. This is probably one of our most-used baby items and I can envision using it far beyond the baby stages when I need a spot to dry delicate, hand-wash only dishware. (Note: We actually purchased two!) A+!

Perfect for the family-on-the-go, insulated bottle carriers are suited for road trips, play dates and visits where nursing might be tricky.
Update: My diaper bag came with an insulated bottle carrier, so I didn’t purchase this one. But, if you have the space in your diaper bag, I think an insulated lunch bag might be a better pick for the long term, as you can use it to store baby food once you pass the bottle stage (this one looks lovely!).

If you plan to make your own baby food, Baby Brezza is a fantastic (and affordable) option.
Update: We were gifted the Baby Bullet, and you guys – I love it. Making baby food seemed kind of overwhelming, but this is a great system if you need a crash course or some hand-holding. (It comes with a recipe book and helpful tips!) A+

Although introducing solids is still a long way away, having a few baby spoons on hand to experiment with might be a good idea.
Update: I didn’t love these spoons, but we did purchase two wooden baby spoons that are perfectly-sized for tiny babies learning to eat. (Note: We started feeding Bee solids around 6 months.)

10. BURP CLOTHS // QTY: 12
You’ll want a stockpile of burp cloths on hand for every feeding and a few more daily surprises. I like basic white organic cotton burp cloths for easy (safe!) bleaching.
Update: I loved having a stash of white burp cloths to bleach, and they’re perfect to keep around the house for rags once the baby stage is over! A+ on this pick.

I chose glass baby bottles, but there are billions of options available. has a wonderful bottle and nipple guide to choose which one might be right for you. As for nipples, most bottle sets come equipped with Level 1 nipples, so you might want to  stock up on a few Level 2 nipples to use in a few months.
Update: I love our glass bottles, and this sounds ridiculous, but I can’t wait to use them as vases and for organizing art supplies when she’s finished with them! A+ on these.

The TinyDiner portable placemat is a must for babies just learning to eat solids in public. Keep this one on hand for the 8-month mark!
Update: We still haven’t used this, so I’m giving myself an F. (Bee still doesn’t feed herself, though, so perhaps I’ll see the beauty in this pick when she’s older?) We did, however, receive a Totseat for places that might not have a high chair readily available, and although we haven’t tried it out, I’m thinking it’s going to be a hit!

If you plan to nurse, a hands-free breast pump is the one splurge recommended by nearly every new mother I know. After all, multi-tasking is every mother’s blessed curse, yes?
Update: I didn’t receive the hands-free version, but I did just fine with this inexpensive electric breast pump. (Although maybe I don’t know what I’m missing?)

If you plan to nurse, storing milk so Dad can take over feedings is a huge plus. Lansinoh’s Breast Milk Storage Bags come pre-sterilized with a convenient pour spot for bottles.
Update: These bags are great and have never leaked for us – highly recommend! A+.

15. BIBS // QTY: 6+
Update: I have no idea how I forgot to include bibs in the original registry, but I’ll blame pregnancy brain? Either way, we actually use Aden & Anais Dribble Burpy Bibs for Bee, even though they’re meant for newborns. They cover her like a cape, which is key to keeping her [relatively!] clean when she’s in the mood to wriggle around and fight mealtimes. A+!

p.s. If you’d like to see my entire registry guide (I’m updating it slowly, but surely!), click here!

  • I love that you are going back through your registry. Isn’t it so funny what we thought we needed before they were born? I wondered why so many people gifted me bibs, and now I know :) Food/eating have to be the funniest and messiest times in their lives right now. Stella’s faces are hilarious when she doesn’t like something.
    Also, laughing at the nipple cream/diaper cream snafu. Thankfully I don’t remember much of the OMG my nipples hurt so much I might die early days, but wow, I didn’t know it was possible for them to get so beat up!

  • Nursing pads – hated the washables. Pacifier – chose not to give one, but he didn’t miss it (did use gifted one with Stud Muffin printed on it, for laughs during fussy grocery store trips after work). Have that breast pump, and it’s great, but only “hands-free” if you buy the special bra to go with it. And I’m SOOO buying a TinyDiner – Forrest has a high chair that attaches to our counter and it has this gap where all the food falls down (of course our dog loves it!).

    • Ha – oh man; I’m convinced dogs love babies more than anything else for this reason alone! :)

  • I love that you’re doing these updates, Erin! I’m making my way through all of them. I have a 13-month-old daughter so it’s fresh in my mind what was helpful for us that first year. I just wanted to mention that Boon makes a Lawn drying rack that is slightly bigger than the Grass. I was lucky that my cousin told me when I was registering that she needed two Grasses so we just got the Lawn instead and we certainly use every square inch!

  • I have a 6-month-old and I agree — it’s so fun to look back now and consider what works and what doesn’t from my registry. Like you, I never fell in love with the Boppy when I was getting started with nursing. My little one would always slide between it and my tummy. The My BrestFriend worked better during nursing, despite its unfortunate name. The Boppy is much more useful now that our son is learning to sit up on his own. We set it behind him to help stabilize him and provide a little cushioning in case he falls backwards.

  • Absolutely love this post, using almost all your recs for my registry right now. Any chance you can post that video?

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