The Cat’s Meow

I never tire of a mom-inventor story; a tale of an everyday woman navigating the frenzied world of motherhood when – suddenly – a spark of creativity inspires her to better her surroundings. There’s Michaela. And Tina. And Ayelet and Tiffany and Maiken. And today, I’m adding to the ever-inspiring list with an introduction to Inna Florentin of Ettel Bettel fame.

Inna Florentin, an Israeli mother, hadn’t necessarily intended on jump-starting a business. Yet every time she tackled everyday motherhood tasks, she grew increasingly weary of the children’s products that existed in her market. There were no simple, smart solutions that bridged the gap between a parent’s needs and the child’s happiness. So, like any good creative would do, Inna set out to solve the problem herself, starting with her first product: a soft pacifier holder that served as both a tactile toy for baby and an easy-to-locate item for mama. And as the children grew, so did Ettel Bettel.

From the brand’s famous pacifier holders to housewares, toys and fashion, Ettel Bettel is known throughout Israel as the expert in “soft design.” With plush fabrics, smart lines and minimalist styling, each collection is inspired by simpler times. In fact, the Ettel Bettel name itself is Yiddish for the oldest of childhood games: Cat’s Cradle. “For us, this game most accurately represents the essence of Ettel Bettel: we create our products through a playful and fun creative process, inviting the customer to join and play with us,” Katia of Ettel Bettel writes. “Inspired by the clean and basic shapes each string embodies during the game, we aspire that our designs speak a similar language of smart simplicity.”

The collection isn’t yet available in the states, but we needn’t wait long – Inna is launching her online shop in just a few short months. After all, the hand that rocks the [cat’s] cradle does indeed rules the world.

Image Credits: Ettel Bettel

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