Happy 4th!

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite summer holidays, full of starry nights and bonfire stories and watermelon seeds. Enjoy your celebration, and if you’ve got some antsy littles hanging around, might I suggest tackling this sweet DIY firecracker craft?

July 4th Rocket Favors clip art from Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids
White card stock
Double- sided tape
White tissue paper
Twine or string
Low- temperature hot- glue gun
Wrapped peppermint candy

1. Print the clip art onto card stock; cut out the shapes.
2. Place the rectangular clip art blank side up. Affix tape to 1 long edge. Fold a piece of tissue paper in half (so it measures 4 by 5½ inches). Place the tissue fold at the bottom of the card stock, pressing it to the tape to secure.
3. Roll the card stock and tissue into a cylinder shape, and secure with tape. Cinch the tissue at the bottom of the rocket, and tie it with twine.
4. Roll fan- shaped clip art into a cone; secure with hot glue. PLACE candies inside rocket. Have an adult GLUE cone to body. Let dry completely.

Credits: Shared with permission from Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids by the Editors of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright (c) 2013 by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. Photographs copyright (c) 2013 by Emily Kate Roemer. Published by Potter Craft, a division of Random House, Inc.

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