A Pajama Weekend

Because Ken and I are both freelance creatives, weekends sometimes look a bit differently for our family. We hit the ground running early, prepping photo shoots and scheduling content and brainstorming ideas – all while taking turns feeding Bee avocados and changing diapers and kissing bruised knees. It’s kind of a frenzy, really, but we love it. On most days.

This past weekend, we packed the schedule a bit too tight, overflowing with deadlines that spilled over into the coming week. Lights and cameras and action littered the home like trash on a highway, reminding us that the life of a creative can sometimes look a lot more messy than we prefer. But on Sunday afternoon – halfway through a seemingly never-ending shot list – we paused as Bee woke from her nap and snapped a few photos of our frenzied, harried, messy lives.

And I realized something. We have no shortage of photos of the events in our lives: birthday parties, family visits, trips to the zoo. But it’s the everyday moments I want to remember: the days that smell like strawberry Puffs and innocence, full of life and hope and dreams. The days where our hair is unwashed and the bed is unmade and the to do list is unchecked. The real, everyday beauty.

This particular moment could have passed. We could have come up with a million excuses to press on and tackle the checklist, styling the nightstand and testing the lighting. But we didn’t. And I am so grateful for these photos – a gentle reminder that the days (and checklists) are long. But the years are short. They are fleeting, strung together with the moments we choose to create.

This weekend, we chose pajamas over productivity. And you know what? At the end of the day, the to do list was complete, empty of pending tasks and deadlines. But our hearts were very, very full indeed.

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