I’m always inspired by brands and companies that go the extra mile in terms of visual branding and merchandising. Sure, a simple lookbook with product photos can get the job done, but what if you take it a step further? What if you tell a story – an enchanting tale of imagination and discovery and creativity that flies?

Norwegian fashion line Jumina is top notch at this. With beautifully designed sets and expert photography, Jumina’s collections are spotlighted in fairytale settings, from sky-high hot air balloon rides to faraway dreamland storybook adventures. And sure, the clothing is lovely. But the sentiment behind each photo – the perfectly captured childhood wonder – is what I truly love.

Kids are magical creatures, their cups overflowing with ideas and dreams and agendas. And I think that’s why they’re the perfect matches to spark our creative bonfires, to set ablaze our own trails of passion. They try and experiment and create, understanding that sure, their hot air balloon might never float into the grandest heights of the sky.

But to kids, it matters not. It simply matters that they tried. That they showed up and dirtied their hands, twisting their minds to overcome creative blocks that defy gravity or physics or logic itself.

After all, their imagination fills in the blanks anyway. What more can they possibly need?

And today, I’m inspired by a company that embraces this creativity. That steps back and sets off into an adventure, letting their imagination run as wild as the children underfoot. Well done, Jumina. I wish you success and a vision that flies as high as the hot air balloons that carry you.

Image Credits: Frosted Productions for Jumina

p.s. Another enchanting photo shoot.

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