The Compliment Fairy

I’m still processing my trip to Ethiopia and promise to share everything soon enough (you can find a few sneak peeks here in the mean time). It’s unfamiliar to me, this duality between wanting to spill out every word and thought and emotion, but holding back because the soup still needs time to simmer. The flavors are mixing and settling, and I want to be sure it tastes right before I serve it, you know?

Anyway, while I was out, Diana HajAhmad sent over a link to her latest project, The Compliment Fairy. A student of Stefan Sagmeister at the School of Visual Arts MFA Design, she asked herself: Can design touch someone’s heart? Her answer is a resounding yes, as is mine. Just watch.

compliment fairy 3

If ever there were a time that I believed in the power of design, it is now. I mean, I just traveled overseas to meet the bravest women I’ve ever come in contact with – all because of a few scarves and an unbelievable vision for change. And along the way, I realized the beauty of simplicity: a sincere compliment, a knowing smile, a warm embrace. Language is a blessing, for sure. But for the times when words are few and communication is scarce – when language barriers arise and misunderstandings are plenty – I realize that communication has very little to do with language.

compliment fairy 2

It has everything to do with kindness.

Image Credits: Diana HajAhmad

p.s. Another inspiring video to watch this afternoon.

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