Fall At Last!

Of all the seasons I’m most excited about parenting in, fall’s top on my list – filled to the brim with apple orchards and cozy weekends and winding hayrides. My favorite coffeehouse’s signature drink has returned and the outside world is settling back into a family routine after a long summer of adventure and exploration and discovery. It’s as if we all have permission to nest now – to curl up within our own four walls with a good novel and a weathered couch and hibernate for the season ahead. Fall is a transitional period – we’re brushing off the summer jitters and easing back into warmth and real and home.

The littles, of course, are making their own fun. With no vacation plans to distract or summer festivals to explore, they’re left to their own devices. (Although Bee isn’t yet staging a masquerade ball in our home like the video above, she is performing quite the costume experimentation on our dogs!) It’s precisely why I love this video from Marie-Chantal: a preview of their fall/winter collection, yes, but also a telling tale of a child’s quest for imagination. It’s everything I love about fall: countryside fields and wool socks, worn quilts and anticipatory giggles.

And most of all: the tiny ones we love.

Video courtesy of Marie-Chantal

p.s. Another collection lookbook that hit the mark.

  • This is precious. Fall is our favorite season around here, also. I work in a lovely barn in the middle of a cornfield, where my dog sleeps every day at my feet. Just stepping outside to breath in the crisp fall air makes even the most stressful days beautiful.

  • Ack! So cute it slays me! Makes me want to pull out my knee-highs for fall (yes, I can rock that look!) = )

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