No Added Sugar

Have you heard of No Added Sugar? Born through a simple desire to create witty baby tees, founder Deborah Medhurst crafted her line of quality basics for kids after a ten-year career stint managing London clubs and parties, living a colorful and “mainly nocturnal past life.” There were strict door policies and dancing until breakfast time until Deborah and her husband Ric became pregnant with their first son, Gabriel. “With Gabriel as our new baby, we had woken up to a different world,” she writes. “I was itching to do something creative and a little challenging.”

The rest is history, a full documentation of many successes for Deborah’s London-based collection. But what I love most is Deborah’s willingness to bend and flex as she grows into a working mother, founder and owner of a widely successful international clothing brand. “In 2009, we took a very deep breath and relocated our business to Hampshire,” she writes. “We had personally moved to this wonderful undulating countryside two years previous and after two painful years of a five hours commute each day, we needed to reassess our lifestyle.”

So now, the No Added Sugar team works in beautiful, soulful barns with blissful under-floor heating, a courtyard garden and the beauty of a national park enveloping them. With such an inspired work environment, how could the collection be anything but? And to me, Deborah’s story is proof that difficult transitions are always blessed. Relocating businesses, expanding families, launching new projects – there’s a learning curve to it all. But sometimes, at the end of the road is a soulful barn with under-floor heating, and the chance to continue writing your story.

Images: No Added Sugar

p.s. Another favorite tee company!

  • oh dear heavens, i love all of it. can’t afford a stitch of it, but i love it.

    (why, oh why is it that the more gender neutral clothing seems to be the most expensive? is pink dye and sequins cheaper or something?)

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