Fall Goal #2: To Rejuvenate


A few weeks ago, I shared my first of two goals for fall and am happy to report that progress has been made. Last night, I fell asleep at 9:40pm, which is something of a record around here. (Of course, this girl woke us up at 5am, but hey – external forces beyond my control don’t count toward my goal-setting quota, so I’m still marking the night a plus.) And with slow steps toward a more restful season, I’ve been tackling my second goal: rejuvenation. For me, rejuvenation means two things: (1) time with my family and (2) adventure. And lately? I’ve been soaking up both in some serious ways…

mark and graham

There was the train ride to Chicago. A road trip down south to spend a weekend with my parents. An upcoming family vacation to visit old friends in Los Angeles. Lots and lots of miles on these tires, and can I make a confession? I’ve never truly loved the art of traveling until this weekend getaway. But I get it now – the fresh air that swirls about you in the form of car windows, train whistles and plane propellers, blowing the dust off the daily routine and revealing a shinier, rejuvenated core.


Mark and Graham recently asked me to share how I make my mark with their fall collection, and something struck me about that sentiment. Because truly, to make our mark on this world, we have to pause for rejuvenation, don’t we?


We have to make room for adventure. For peeking outside the window of our everyday, seeking a new perspective that promises to reveal a different landscape than the familiar. And we have to do that with the ones we love.


With our families and friends and community and trusted souls – that’s how we make our mark. By banding together for a shared experience, one that is rooted in self-discovery and adventure and horizons.


It can be hard. Travel requires flexibility and planning and organization and finances and someone to watch your two dogs at the last minute because you forgot to arrange for a house sitter again. But with every adventure, there’s a beautiful moment of release. The moment the wheels touch down – the ones on the plane and the ones in your head. That moment the axis slows and you’re left with quiet and the promise of the adventure that awaits.


To truly rejuvenate, I’ve had to quiet my own wheels and embrace the unknown. To pack the diaper bag and book the ticket and leave the day planner behind. And it’s working.


Travel is work. Rejuvenation is work. But it’s the kind of work that can change your stories and the stories of the passengers around you.


The kind of work that leaves a mark.


Products featured: Canvas Rucksack / Canvas Weekender Bag / Linen Tote / Key Fob / Suede Travel Pouch

Image Credits: My dear husband

  • Another wonderful post Erin! I am trying so hard to rejuvenate too.. :) my daughters are growing too fast.. and my husband and I realize that quite often and we plan something right after this discussion.. but soon after we are back to our busy schedules! thanks for such a nice post

  • This is a super lame response, but I have been searching high and low for a non-vera Bradley weekender tote bag. That one looks massively perfect! PS Yay for traveling with kiddo in tow! It’s really fun!

    • Not lame at all, the weekender is MASSIVELY perfect, yes. It even has a leather bottom so that it sits upright and prevents canvas scuffing. I really and truly love it!

  • Thank You. Exactly the advice/perspective I need at this moment. Getting “to work” on some adventure for this weekend. You’re right, adventure does not equal spontaneous — planning, orgz’n, dog-watching, etc. — but it’s the best investment of my time I can make right now (because really, the freshly folded laundry is just going to be a heap of dirty clothes, again, in a few days’ time…). Love you! Love your thoughts. Love your pictures.

  • Beautiful! I think finding time to learn by traveling and resting is so crucial in life. It’s so easy to forget that in the midst of crazy schedules, the moments of discovery are worth the extra effort.

  • Gorgeous photos! I feel calmer just looking at them! I love that feeling that comes from taking the time to travel. You’re so right about how it blows the dust off your routine, I think that’s what I love about it too! Thanks for putting it so eloquently :)

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