My parents were both school teachers, so we had no shortage of educational toys scattered about our home on any given day. One of my favorites were Tangrams – I fondly remember an entire summer dedicated to creating different animals from the colored triangles at my disposal.

Now, a short 25-something years later, I still love the idea of creating something out of nothing. It’s so metaphorical – the idea of puzzles. That we’re all just doing the best with the pieces we’ve got, attempting to pull together a portrait that looks like something worth keeping around for a bit.

Naturally, these cardboard magnets from KidsonRoof caught my eye today – hundreds of individual magnets in beautiful colorways and shapes, ready to be pieced together into a fridge-worthy display.

Because whether we’re young or old, everyone just wants a spot on the fridge, you know?

Set of 288 available for $36 at Amazon.

p.s. More modern refrigerator magnet games.

  • The magnets look very cool. But I’m curious how well they would hold up, being cardboard. Do you know?

    • They look pretty thick, so I’m thinking they’d do well! But I haven’t purchased them – I’ll let you know if I do! ;)

  • These look so fun! I vacillate between wanting a completely clear and empty fridge door, and wanting to put up something interesting (magnets we’ve made, or an old magnetic poetry set, or kid masterpieces). There must be a good balance to be found there somewhere, but I haven’t achieved it yet… ;)

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