A Gift To Build On

So, Bee’s still a baby, which means my gifting strategy goes like this: (1). I look around my office and see a bajillion toys, and (2). Wrap one of those so she has something to open for the upcoming holiday season. Instead of saving gifts for holidays, we’ve purchased a few toys throughout the year that she’s shown interest in during play dates, like this book and this breakfast set (she loves both in the craziest of ways!). This way, she can enjoy her current interests instead of waiting for a holiday (and for the potential for her to outgrow her favorite things). BUT. A tiny part of me wants to gift her something special for Christmas that she just might love for years and years and  years. So of course, I’ve got my eye on Andy Rementer‘s latest creation: people blocks.

Andy’s an artist I’ve covered in great detail over here, and I’ve enjoyed following his work since my art directing days in L.A. Handmade and hand-painted, each limited edition wooden character is designed to be interchangeable, allowing them to be re-assembled and stacked to create custom characters or abstract sculptures. It’s a smart solution for parents who love toys that don’t look like toys (and who aren’t above stealing inspiration from their kids’ stuff).

After all, I’m relishing in the days I still get to choose Bee’s toys, costumes and clothing. Someday she’ll be wallpapering her walls with teen idol posters and sporting glittered chapstick. Until then, I get to pick out the toys. And considering the tantrum she just threw over the yellow crayon touching the blue crayon, we’ll call it even.

Image Credits: Case Studyo

p.s. More good-looking blocks here and here.

  • oh! i love that breakfast set! sooo cute!

    we have a similar gifting philosophy. we like to keep the toy chaos to a bare minimum in our house, so i’ve stored a lot of toys we’ve gotten from friends and family over the past year and a half. i’m just going to pull one or two of those out at xmas/birthday time, and wrap them up (then slyly take away one or two of her current toys that no longer interests her : ).

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