Bee is just beginning to tip-toe into the realm of dress-up and costumes and all things fanciful. Yesterday, we dressed her in a tutu skirt (a rare occasion for this neutral-loving mama) for church and the moment the layers of tulle circled her belly, her demeanor changed.

It was as if she had been crowned Queen of the Babies, walking taller and with great deliberation. She twirled and twirled and twirled, stopping only for Bernie and an occasional sippy cup break.

Something tells me she’d have a ball in these paper costumes from London-based design studio, OMY. Vibrant colors, oversized shapes – the perfect opportunity for any mini to wrap themselves in something different for the day.

Because isn’t that a scratch we all want to itch at times? To don a mask and twirl about our day in the ill-fitting shoes of someone else, knowing – when evening comes – we can still return home to our own closet, the one that’s stocked with comfort and love and warmth?

The one that’s just our size.

Image Credits: OMY

p.s. There’s a color-your-own version, too! Darling.

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