Diaper Bags

I received a request to share my favorite diaper bags, so poof: here they are. I’ll first note that – being a total baby novice – I had no idea that diaper bags were essentially just glorified totes. Sure, they come with bottle insulators or changing pads or special zipped pouches, but necessities they are not. So listen: if you’re a new mama and are stressing over finding the perfect diaper bag, don’t fret. You’ve got bigger fish to fry, like breathing in and breathing out during those crazy newborn baby scream fests.

Still, there are billions of diaper bag options that are both classic, versatile and totally mom-friendly. Before purchasing any of the fancier-than-thou models, can I offer a recommendation? Peek at your lifestyle. Are you a city mom, constantly on the go? Are you a homebody? Do you have a need for more than one diaper bag – an extra to store essentials in your car or at grandma’s house? Take a serious look at what your life looks like now, and a good rule of thumb is this:

If you generally carry around a larger-than-life purse (and frequently use the items inside), you’ll want a great diaper bag. If you’re a minimalist and can squeak by with little more than a clutch (this is me), you might find traditional diaper bags to be overkill. Remember this, you’ll be a great mama whether you’re overly organized with a bag packed to the brim or are… less than such, but resourceful.

Here we go!:

1. Sons of Trade Journey Pack ($139) at Dwell Studio
Ken is super dad and takes Bee on more outings than I do, so his diaper bag is understandably more masculine than my own. Still, I’d carry this felt version in a heartbeat: it holds its shape well and matches everything.

2. Rockland Backpack ($89) at Need Supply
Backpacks are my favorite diaper bags, absolutely. This one is faux leather, so it’s easily wipe-able and nearly impossible to damage. Plus, it’s so darn good-looking baby will want to borrow it for high school someday. (I know, I know. Can you even imagine?)

3. Madison Tote ($70) at Dwell Studio
One of my girlfriends loves this one because it’s no-fuss: just the basics – a few pockets and a changing pad. Done and done!

4. Denim Dot Backpack ($20) at Target
Budget alert! I actually use this backpack daily, but as a laptop tote when I hit the coffee shop. It’s roomy with two compartments: a small one for mama, big one for baby (shouldn’t it be the other way around?).

5. Charlie ($160) at Timi & Leslie
I received this bag as a baby shower gift and LOVED it as a starter bag. It had all the bells and whistles I was sure I needed, and I felt prepared to navigate new motherhood with a bag to match. I use it less now that Bee’s older, because…

6. The Madeline ($260) at Lily Jade Co.
This one is pricey, but really fantastic. The interior compartments are removable, making it super easy to clean – and hey, I’m a sucker for compartments. It’s also beautiful – a classic piece I’d happily use as a purse in the years to come (if I can muster up the energy to vacuum Bee’s bunny crackers from the lining, of course!).

Tell me – what do you use for a diaper bag? Any diaper bag connoisseurs out there, or are you pretty low-key when it comes to on-the-go parenting?

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