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Last summer, Ken and I welcomed a filmmaker into our home – his Airstream parked alongside our small town neighborhood drive like a metal billboard announcing something big, something unusual. And indeed, it was:

Being married to a filmmaker and having blogged for over 13 years, I often take for granted the beauty of creative expression. The importance of sharing your story – the goods and the bads and the ones you want to forget but know you need to remember. The ideas that spark you out of bed at 3am, searching for the pen on your nightstand so you can scrawl something that might be illegible the next morning, but what if it’s not?

I forget that not everyone is telling their story, that not everyone is practicing creativity or purpose or passion. That not everyone feels directly inspired to create the life they want to live.

There are many. Some crippled with fear of failure, some weighted from responsibility to their careers, families, lifestyles. Others have numbed their creative energy for years, leaning into hard work and long hours – productivity over peace. Some have silenced these dreams out of guilt or necessity or survival or discouragement, and some were simply never taught to listen to the quiet whispers of creativity.

Blogging – self-expression and creativity and connection – is a gift. No more, no less.

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I’m so grateful for the filmmaker who offered this gentle reminder as he stepped into our home with wrinkled khakis and perfectly disheveled hair. A weary traveler making his way across the states to explore why it is that some bloggers do what they do, day after day.

I don’t remember what I said to the camera, but I’m confident that – after seeing this trailer – my heart has shifted a bit. To a place that more easily honors this platform. To a place of deeper respect for this practice, a more intense gratitude for those joining me.

“A choir is made up of many voices, including yours and mine. If one by one all go silent then all that will be left are the soloists. Don’t let a loud few determine the nature of the sound. It makes for poor harmony and diminishes the song.”
-Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

p.s. I’m aware of the controversy surrounding this film, so I’ve offered my thoughts in greater detail in the comment section and also here. For now, I choose to congratulate Chris on his hard work in completing a project that I’m certain has been an intense labor of love for him and his family.

  • This is so exciting! I’m definitely seeing it when it comes out. Yay.

  • Not everyone *is* speaking — there is a shocking lack of diversity in this trailer. But good luck with the supposed representation of the American blogger…!

  • I’m kind of disappointed – like Louisa commented this actually only shows a very small segment of bloggers, a pretty homogeneous one at that. Not much of a harmony there, that I can see.

    • As a person that strives to look for the more positive things in life (and after meeting Chris), I know his intent was not to be exclusive, but instead to capture the point of view from where he’s sitting and from the doors that were opened to him through relationships he had perhaps already established. Knowing this, I choose to congratulate him on his hard work in completing a project that I’m certain has been an intense labor of love for him and his family.

      It is my hope that what this film might lack to some could perhaps inspire another filmmaker, storyteller, writer or blogger to share their perspective. This is Chris’ point of view, but there are many more stories to be told. That’s the precise beauty of this platform – to share and tell and swap our stories so our perspectives can shift, change and grow.

  • I’m genuinely curious, are your feelings different now that you’ve seen the mass reaction to this project?

  • Okay I cannot wait to see this film! Genius! He is one man, he simply cannot travel & interview every blogger out there! He may decide to make a second, third film, etc but for now congrats to him!

  • Thank you for your simple, inspiring words! Much needed some days when doubts of the validity of blogging are heavy.


  • I watched the film last night, so intrigued by the stories being told and being introduced to so many bloggers I hadn’t stumbled across already. I loved how each individual put their own spin on why they blog and what blogging means to them. I have a blog (although haven’t hit that “publish” button in quite some time) and I have followed numerous bloggers over the years and I enjoyed seeing a little glimpse into each of these women. You’ve gained a new follower in me – thank you (and all the others who allowed Chris into your homes) for putting your stories out there!

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