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One of my favorite aspects of styling is researching the many lookbooks that exist, searching for visual inspiration that might begin to tell a greater story about one’s work and passion. There are lookbooks that harken back to an era long ago, others that set trends for years to come. And then, if you’re Lesia Paramonova, there are those that were inspired by a time that will never exist – a mere blip in her imagination…

Lesia Paramonova 5

For Moscow-based designer Lesia, her latest collection was inspired by a fairy tale she’d written – one of faith and flight and the momentum of our souls. It’s worth a read, a near-guaranteed mid-week pick-me-up on this dreary Wednesday morning:

Lesia Paramonova 6

“Don’t be afraid to fall down into the water, to sink slowly into the seabed. Perhaps, there you will see a light and find the entryway to a new world. Perhaps your skin will turn into the bark of a tree, and you will become invisible, one with the woodlands, so evil spirits pass you by unnoticed…”

Lesia Paramonova 4

“You run through the mossy field like a black-eyed roe deer. You run so rapidly that your legs are caught by the wind. It lifts you into the air, and all the sounds become a single hum. Six faithful keepers accompany you. They are the guardians of this forest, the guides of your soul.”

Lesia Paramonova 2

Image Credits: Lesia Paramonova

p.s. Another favorite lookbook.