All Packed!

Our tiny family trio leaves for Singapore on Monday, so we’ve been preoccupied packing and re-packing and stuffing extra stickers into various pockets and compartments (you can never have enough stickers when you’re staring in the face of 28 hours of flying with a toddler, am I right?). I thought it might be fun to share a few of our traveling must-haves for Bee, just in case you’re planning your own summer adventure!:

1. This ultra-washable silky shirt is a Godsend when the weather is warm but we want Bee’s shoulders to be covered from the hot sun. Mint Silk Blouse ($168)
2. Leggings are key for traveling in comfort, which we’re hoping might lead to some loooooong naps on our even longer flights! Watercolor Leggings ($38)
3. We can’t leave home without Bee’s favorite stuffed animal, and although we’re letting her decide which to take, I’m secretly hoping Wooly is in the running. (He’s my fave!) Blabla Wooly Sheep Doll ($56)
4. Wooden magnets are a great (quiet) toy for killing time on the plane. The blocks offer endless stacking entertainment and the magnets ensure that the tower doesn’t wind up all over the floors and aisles. Magnetic Wooden Blocks ($35)
5. This tunic is the softest, most lightweight layering piece Bee has (I highly recommend!), so it’s a shoe-in to pair with leggings for the flight. OMAMImini Tunic Dress ($38)
6. Saltwater sandals are perfect for traveling and adventures because they’re super waterproof. Never know when you see an outdoor fountain you just have to explore, yes? Saltwater Sandals ($34)
7. Bee is very into carrying her own bags these days, so we’ll be packing her a personal carry-on with snacks, toys and essentials. Denim Backpack ($15)
8. This hand sanitizer is a spray version, which makes it endlessly entertaining for Bee. We never have to ask her twice to “wash hands!” EO Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray ($3)
9. Fancy stickers are great, but we have the most fun with office supply labels. If you catch us in Singapore, we’ll be the family with the yellow dots in our hair. Dot Stickers ($4)
10. This kids’ scarf is heavy but soft, making it perfect as an impromptu blanket for Bee if the plane gets too chilly. Tassel Scarf ($27)
11. A light dotted dress for daytime is kind of a vacation must-pack, right? Plus, it takes up so little space in her suitcase. Polka Dot Dress ($198)
12. This is one of the best travel strollers around – it’s super lightweight, compact and easily washable – plus boasts a one-piece handlebar so you can steer your stroller in one hand and suitcases in the other. Genius! Babyhome Emotion Stroller ($299)
13. We’ll be packing the iPad for the long flight, filled to the brim with her favorite apps (like this, this and this!). iPad ($399)
14. A hoodie’s in order for our late night arrival, and this metallic version will ensure we can spot her from a mile away. Zip Hoodie ($168)
15. This cooler is genius – it folds to fit into a freezer so the built-in ice pack can stay cold all day long. We’ll be stashing carrots, beef jerky, hard boiled eggs and extra goat milk for the trek ahead! PackIt Personal Cooler ($15)
16. Bee lives in footed pajamas, so we’ll be packing a slew of these go-to ensembles for lounging around our apartment – and eventually succumbing to serious jet lag! Footed Pajamas ($27)
17. These are Bee’s favorite jeans and provide instant style no matter what she pairs it with. (And yes, she likes to pick out her own clothes, of course. Toddlers can be so OCD, yes?) Grey Distressed Jeans ($49)
18. This is my favorite diaper bag, if for no other reason than you can’t possibly tell it’s a diaper bag. I’ll stash my course curriculum in here by day, and diapers, snacks, toys by night. Multi-tasking at its best! Madeline Diaper Bag ($260)
19. Bee’s already been practicing using headphones for the flight ahead and she’s a mild connoisseur / audiophile by now. These are her favorites! Bose Headphones ($180)

Tell me, what do you pack for your toddler travels? I’d love some tips and ideas – we’ve got a few spare inches in our suitcases and can use all the help we can get. See you in Singapore!

p.s. I”ll be taking next week off to focus on my courses but will be sure to pop in a few times throughout the rest of our trek. As always, you can catch us on Instagram!

  • Seriously? 200 bucks for a dress. For a tiny child. And an expensive silk blouse? While I think your items look lovely all mocked up together, I think I need to stop reading. That’s ridiculous.

  • We just traveled to Japan with our one year old daughter and five year old son. On our trip we decided against a stroller because we would be visiting many temples and places with stairs so we opted for an ergobaby carrier. One of the most important items we packed was bah rescue pastilles. On our trip there was a couple who had one of these strollers I would have loved one of those!

  • We live in Switzerland so we packed a plethora of homeopathic remedies for possible traveling illnesses and we all did get a stomach bug so the homeopathic remedies came in handy. If you have not yet packed it do not forget natural insect repellent, mineral sunscreen and two hats.

  • Your packing list provides great info! Yes, a little pricey, but it’s about finding something similar in my own price point! :) it also makes me excited to share with my hubby! We have a 15 month old (our first & one and only), and we are so hesitant/anxious to travel anywhere! So this gives me hope that’s it’s doable!

    • We’re having a great time – definitely have the travel bug now. ;) Your neck of the woods next, hopefully! :)

  • Forrest is all about the crayons these days so I’ll be packing some of those to go along with our blank pad and dot stickers. = )

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