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Of all the things I love in life, food and stories are at the very tip-top of my list. And in Local Milk, Beth Kirby pairs both like the finest of homespun pb&j sandwiches. She writes, “There are messes that abide for weeks, screaming matches, missed deadlines, and ill starred decisions. And there is fresh bread, stolen vertiginous kisses, floral tea, and good work to be done. And there is poetry in all of it.”

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Beth’s poetry is a haven in a sea of party-planning menus and 80-step appetizers. She is hospitality over entertaining. Nourishment over fluff. She has managed to pare down the basics, to the very raw essence of a human being’s needs: food + each other.

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“Living is a glossy, unctuous thing, and cooking is a divine, ancient art. It is the elevation of biological necessity. It is the beating heart. It is an empire built on grain and cacao. It is selenium and potassium. It is kale and cauliflower. It is sustenance. It is actually the art of living.”

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p.s. Slow dining.
p.p.s. If you’re enjoying this “Follow” series, I’ll be sharing a few more favorites on Design for Minikind next week. See you there!

  • “She has managed to pare down the basics, to the very raw essence of a human being’s needs: food + each other.” This puts the purpose of cooking and food in a nutshell. I hope that eventually more people will turn back to the basics and start to appreciate real and authentic food again.

  • It is an art to be able to elevate a food blog above a collection of recipes and pictures. The ones that I love (like Local Milk) are personal – and the food they make (create?) is part of a creative, inspiring life.

  • I also only discovered this beautiful blog last week! Funny how even if time doesn’t allow me to follow as many blogs as in the past I am always pleased if I find something new and inspiring.I hope this means blogging is not coming to an end just yet.x

  • Hi! I noticed that this post refers to the site as being created by Elizabeth Evelyn — it does say “Beth” further down, but I thought I’d mention that the site and blog are by Beth Kirby. :)

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