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Merrilee Liddiard authors Mer Mag, a playful, craft-based blog I frequent for DIY/craft ideas I never actually attempt to create. Still, she lights up a certain part of my brain – the one that believes in creating an environment for Bee that is conducive to play and imagination and memory-making. My childhood was littered with cardboard boxes, colored pencils and endless scribbles and facilitating this sort of beautifully messy space for Bee has always been top of mind for me.

Merrilee’s book offers billions of ideas that are surprisingly doable, and in a world where we frown upon play and elevate productivity, I admire her bravery to put down the phone and make something with her kids.

Happy reading!

Image Credits: Mer Mag

p.s. Playful clothes to match Merillee’s playful projects.

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