Packing Light

I’ve been fairly preoccupied with course work for next week’s adventure, so thought I’d pop in to share a portion of my packing list for Singapore. I’m far from an expert in many things, but I will say this: I can pack like a lean, mean machine. Unless I’ll be gone for more than a month, I simply refuse to check any bags and nearly always rely on a trusty carry-on. It’s totally doable, but here’s my trick: stick to neutral basics and throw in a few key accessories. (This is easy for me, because the only “color” I own these days is denim.)

Here’s what I’m bringing along!:

1. This jumpsuit is basically a glorified pajama set, perfect for the 28 hours of flights ahead of us. Knit Jumpsuit ($30)
2. A dressed-up white tank is one of my favorite basics to rely on – perfect for laying with skirts, denim and blazers. White Tank ($23)
3. Backpacks are key for me, especially when traveling with Bee. This one’s easy on my back and can hide a multitude of sins – power cords, baby wipes and an entire pantry’s worth of snacks. Brooks Canvas & Leather Backpack ($249)
4. I always pack a few statement necklaces to switch up neutral looks for day, night and everything between. This one’s a current favorite and the rope design promises to arrive in tact, tangle-free! Thread and Brass Necklace ($38)
5. I’ll pair this graphic tee with a skirt and blazer for teaching days, or with simple cutoff denim shorts when we’re off exploring the city as a family. Graphic Tee ($13)
6. I almost always travel in sneakers, perfect for those unexpected times you’ve got to book it to make a connection. These Chuck Taylors pair wonderfully with the #7 jersey skirt for impromptu adventuring in the city. Chuck Taylors ($50)
7. Jersey maxi or midi skirts are amazingly transformative – I usually wear mine as a strapless dress at least once during my trips, or they can be knotted into a mini for an interesting twist when you get tired of wearing the same thing. Jersey Skirt ($18)
8. For my teaching days, I plan to throw this on over the #2 white tank and add some nude dress shorts for a modern “power suit.” Add in the #4 statement necklace and the nude heels I plan to pack and we’re in business. Lightweight Nude Blazer ($80)
9. These are my favorite sunglasses; a must for adventuring in sunny Singapore! Expo Shades ($60)
10. I live in denim cutoffs in the summertime; a great addition to graphic tees, basic white tanks and to dress down a more formal blazer. Denim Cutoff Shorts ($20)
11. Avarcas are notoriously comfortable and make for no-brainer slip-ons to take to the pool when we want a quiet break from playing tourist. Avarcas ($77)

Tell me, what are your packing standbys or secret philosophies? I’d love to hear! And if you’re a local in Singapore, please join me and Bloesem to learn the ins and outs of blogging, social media and film!

  • So timely for me! We’re taking a family vacay to Hawaii in June and I’m determined to get three of us into two carry-ons. I need a basic maxi to go with my neutral dress/cover up. Otherwise it’s biking and sarong, right? We’ll be buying all the diapers when we get there… = )

    • Hi lady! If you find a basic maxi that’s thick with coverage, alert me! :) I’m on the hunt. And ha, you are a genius with the diaper purchases after you reach your destination. Great minds. ;) Have a LOVELY time in Hawaii!

      • You alert me on a good maxi, too! I just got a maxi tank dress form Old Navy that I need to downsize, but it’s cute and has good bra-strap coverage if needed. (p.s. I don’t go “biking” in a sarong…bikini! bikini! = )

  • hi I love this list! where did you get the Knit Jumpsuit because I would love to get one!

  • Always love peeking into someone else’s suitcase – and I am seriously impressed you can pull off the carry-on only travel method even with Bee in tow! :)

    Have a fantastic trip, my friend! xox

  • I live in Singers and it’s been a-pouring! Don’t forget your “brollie”. Love your blog, it’s very inspirational.

  • GAH! I’m so glad you posted about those sandals! I kept admiring them in your IG feed so now I know what I’m asking for for Xmas this year (it’ll just make me excited for summer then versus moaning about the humidity as I’m choosing to do today!)

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