Biker Babes

Bee’s taken an extreme interest in bike-riding, wearing her helmet for hours while she watches TV or “bakes cookies”, eats dinner or just causes general around-the-house mayhem. It’s a fight to get her to take it off for bed and she asks at least 34 times/day if we’ll take her for a ride. (I have to wait until Ken gets home to say yes, because I’m the world’s worst bike rider…)

So in the spirit of embracing these two-wheeling days, here are some great bike-inspired finds for you and the little:

1. Pattern Bike Bell ($24)
2. Brooks Hoxton Bicycle Basket (£89)
3. Printed Bike Seat Cover ($54)
4. Heart Spoke Reflector (£5)
5. Nutcase Helmet ($60)
6. Bicycle Pants ($9)
7. Canvas Tote ($20)
8. Plan Toy Wooden Trike ($123)

p.s. If you’re curious what we ride as a family, we love WeeRide for Ken’s Public bike. And how sweet are these family bicycles?

  • I did buy the WeeRide after you posted about it several months ago. Great buy! Liam is a little small for 18 months but he still straps in there perfectly. He loves yelling “Wee!” anytime I go down a hill. :) Now only if St. Louis could have a rain-free day lately…

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