The Singapore Guide


So. If you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods, here’s what you should do:

singapore city guide


Jump in a pool (Gallery Hotel’s is lovely!), and quickly. It’s hot and humid and sticky, but so are cinnamon rolls, so it’s also pretty perfect.



Visit the Botanic Gardens. I’m sure everyone goes here, and they should. It’s breathtakingly beautiful, and also kind of massive. We’d only explored 1/3 of the land before we hailed a taxi because it had started raining and Bee was fussy, but the welcome center man said we’d miss the entire thing if we didn’t see the other side. So we bribed the little one with animal crackers and the promise of a splash pad in the children’s gardens and we ventured on.


And man, that welcome center man was right…



Go to the zoo. Have breakfast with the orangutans, which is this cute little program the staff orchestrates every morning where you eat a fantastic buffet of everything tasty and then the monkeys slide down on branches into the cafe and they eat their breakfast with you, in a much messier fashion. Take a family portrait, because you have to, because who doesn’t love an orangutan with pineapple on his chin?

singapore city guide

Swim again. Multiple times daily.



Take a class at Bloesem. My friend Irene hosts the most amazingly creative workshops (we were there to teach our very own!) in her shop – from basket weaving to screen printing and food styling and everything between. Plus, each class comes with the best meal you’ll have in Singapore, expertly prepped and styled. It’s just the best experience, truly.


singapore city guide

People-watch by the river in Robertson Quay, then go back to stroll up and down the bridges at 3am when your toddler is jet-lagged.

singapore travel guide


Shop in Tiong Bahru. Definitely at Bloesem, and also at Nana & Bird, Woods in the Books and Books Actually. Grab a few truffles (vanilla champagne and lavender are amazing!) at The Orange Thimble and hit the local market, too.


An iced coffee at Tiong Bahru Bakery will be awaiting you when you’re hot and sweaty with an empty wallet.


Visit Marina Bay Sands and pay the $33 to head to the SkyPark, but don’t leave your camera while you’re there and then realize it on the cab ride home (all is well now).


Eat at Kith Cafe for breakfast, preferably every morning. And then go again and again, because it’s amazing. (Grab the hot dog and orange+carrot juice for lunch.) Buy two pounds of their coffee beans for your friends back home. They’ll kiss you.


Let your little one borrow a scooter from the other kids at the cafe and then make a mental note of gratitude that people are so, so friendly here.

Most importantly, enjoy the ones you’re with and bask in the beauty of seeing them in a new, faraway light.


Tell me, where are you headed this summer? Any fun travels that await you? I’d love to hear!

  • Loved your unofficial guide to Singapore Erin. Thank you for sharing so much of your trip I enjoyed all your posts immensely.
    I don’t have any summer travel plans but I live on a beautiful island paradise called Anguilla in the Caribbean and I think it’s time I became a tourist at home again :)
    Would love a round-up of tips from your blogging and social media workshops at Bloesem. I think I may have been your keenest long distance student!
    Thank you,

  • Yes to all! Loved all your recommendations. We go back to Singapore yearly to relive our childhood & teen days growing up there. Though the Philippines is our “center” now, Singapore will always be my second home.

  • Thank you for th Singaapore re-cap! I enjoyed your instagram feed and now I have added another place to my wanderlust list. Glad you all had a great time.

  • Thank you! This guide is perfectly timed for me. I’m headed to SE Asia for an extended vacation starting next month. Singapore is our first stop! I’m looking forward to checking out your recommendations.

  • Nothing so exotic as Singapore (really enjoyed all your pictures) but we’re off to Maui in 2 weeks, taking along Forrest. He says “Eeeeew” when he sees pictures of himself sitting in the sand, but he loves to be in the water, so we’ll see how it goes. BTW I got the Press Here app on my iPad and I think I love it more than he does. = )

    • Ha, I LOVE THAT APP! And Forrest is the cutest. :) Enjoy the adventure that awaits! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  • What a lovely post! You made Singapore (and Tiong Bahru) look so good :)
    Come back soon and explore other parts of our little city!

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