Time Capsules

We’re home! We’re home! I’ll be chatting about bits and pieces from our Singapore trip (you can see a slew of photos here!), but for now, I wanted to pop in and share this adorable time capsule from a new friend I made on my travels!:


Inspired by the time capsules Andy Warhol created throughout his lifetime, designer (who doesn’t call herself a designer but should!) Anouk van der El set out to create a pint-sized version for kids. Complete with writing prompts, stickers and a notepads for quotes, the set comes equipped for opening at a future date of your choosing. What a perfect gift for your little one to open when they’re not-so-little!

And if you’re more into living in the moment, her darling Little Quotes Jar above is a sweet way to display the funny things your kids say. Genius, right?

For locals in Singapore, both can be purchased at Bloesem. But if you’re in the states like me, Uncommon Goods is hosting a sale on Anouk’s fine creations ($40) right here. Given Bee’s current obsession with Dominoes, post-it notes and making imaginary cookies, I’d have quite a time capsule on my hands.

Hope you’re all having a great week, friends. We’re off to fight this jet lag with yet another afternoon nap!

Image Credits: Uncommon Goods, Make History, Bloesem (bottom two)

p.s. Our Singapore packing list!

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