My Summer Wardrobe

One of the best parts of spending our summer weaving in and out of town (more on our lake trip later!) has been the realization of how very little we need. While I used to keep a full closet stocked with tops and dresses of every pattern and color, shape and size, I’ve recently whittled down my summer wardrobe to the bare essentials: cutoffs, neutral tops, sensible sandals and – of course – a summer hat. And because I get a few comments every now and then about what I wear on Instagram (besides yoga pants, of course!), I’ve popped up a list for you. It’s totally shoppable, so if you’re in the market for any of the below, click to purchase!:

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Also, tell me, do you have a summer uniform? Have you yet mastered yours? I’d love to hear!

  • I am admiring your uniform. For the past few summers, my wardrobe has mostly consists of yoga clothes for hiking or else neutral skirts, off-white tees + tanks, my sunglasses, a striped scarf, and gladiator sandals. This year, it’s mostly one b&w striped maxi dress (it’s so cute + comfy that I hate to wear anything else). And someday, I will find the perfect sun hat.

    • Ah, I hear you on the yoga clothes! Your uniform sounds PERFECT – very up my neutral alley! ;)

  • Okay, I’m all about the color for summer but I’m in desperate need of some neutral, comfy, knit, knee-length skirts to round it all out because I hate my legs in shorts (and skirts are breezier in hot weather anyway). Any tips?

  • I love, love this post – especially the layout and the fact you made it shoppable (and mentioned that up front). Reminds me that I bet you are as awesome in person as I bet you are online (which sadly isn’t always the case). Thanks for being you!!

  • I want that “nude” asymmetrical shirt but, DRAT!!! it’s SOLD OUT! Boo!
    Can I have yours?

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