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Bernadette Francis and Laura Albee Barton created Per-Tim (which stands for Period-Timeless) as a Melbourne-based shop/brand to “enable the questionings of the Hows, Whats and Whys of people’s lives.”

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It’s a rad reason to do anything; creating space for the questions is always a worthy exploration. As a naturally inquisitive person, I’m finding that questions are really just answers from another perspective, aren’t they? Eventually they string together – the questions – to say something bigger about ourselves than the answers ever would.

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Voltaire once said, “Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” And in the world of Per-Tim, I’d say their questions are leading to the good and the weird and the deep (three of my favorite places, as it stands).

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I’m always fascinated with that space between the question and answer – the weird lull that happens when you realize that new information has presented itself but with an ellipsis instead of a period. It’s uncertain and unsteady and overwhelming; and it’s when the hard work starts. So we power through and show up, day after day, and we do what we know until the question mark feels like it takes up less head space, slowly. And then we fill that space with dirty dishes and birthday parties until we forget it was ever there.

per tim on design for mankind

But it never really goes away. Because then the answer arrives, usually on a rainy Tuesday morning wandering the aisles of the grocery. And with it, forty more.

Image Credits: Per Tim

p.s. Everyday beauty.

  • Loved this!
    I am also fascinated with spaces between….’the sphere of the between’ as martin buber once called it.

    thanks for a lovely read on a Monday morning Erin

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