Swim Essentials

My mother-in-law lives just two doors down (it’s a good thing, in case you’re wondering!) and in the summertime, you can often spot at least one of us in her pool at any given hour. I won’t tell you which of us is the pool noodle hoarder (hint), but I will share a few of Bee’s poolside essentials we rely on all summer long…

1. Puj makes the greatest baby products, and this hooded towel is no different. It’s soft, plush and the perfect size for wrapping Bee up on a chilly summer evening. // Puj Hooded Towel ($35)

2. This floatsuit is genius – as baby gains more and more confidence in the water, the styrofoam inserts around the middle are removable, one by one. The perfect suit for learning to swim! // Konfidence Floatsuit ($40)

3. A bucket hat is a must for keeping sun rays and splashes out of those baby blues. // Star Bucket Hat ($7)

4. This is the best sunscreen I’ve found; perfectly lightweight but still waterproof – and organic to boot. // Block Island Organic Sunscreen ($21)

5. Bee admittedly only wears these for five minutes at a time, but she loves to carry them around so she can be like mom and dad. // Heart Sunglasses ($5)

6. Like Birks for babies, these sandals are pretty darn waterproof, perfect for poolside adventures and also ridiculously comfortable (or so Bee has told me). She always asks to wear these when choosing her outfits. // Salt Water Sandals ($21)

7. Bee has a small bucket of bath toys to keep her busy around the pool when taking lunch or sun breaks. This submarine is the cutest. // Submarine Bath Toy ($15)

8. Reusable swim diapers are so much more affordable if you’re a daily swimmer; we’ve had great luck with these so far. // Swim Diaper ($14)

9. We set up a beach umbrella for Bee to take a sun break and enjoy some snacks underneath. Doesn’t this one feel so Palm Springs-esque? // Beach Umbrella ($15)

10. It wouldn’t be pooltime for Bee without her noodles. These are the first thing to enter the water and the last thing to leave; she loves stacking them, carrying them, dancing with them. Who knew pool noodles would be such a hit? // Pool Noodles ($32)

Tell me, what are your poolside musts? I’d love to hear!

p.s. Blue sky-inspired baby finds!

  • Oh I wish Forrest would embrace pool life. He doesn’t mind if you hold him in the pool but NO GETTING HIS HEAD WET! Hair washing at bath time is briefly traumatic, too. He did graduate to jumping off the side into Daddy’s arms during vacation so baby steps, I guess. = )

  • O, that are great tips; still searching for a good sunscreen here (the block island i’ll search for, but at first glance i didn’t find it in europe). And we have 1 pool noodle, but no pool anywhere near. Still Aaron goes to get it in the hallway and loves to drag it around the house, playing horse, or dancing with it. It’s sic a polyvalent toy, me too never thought it would be so great. And, o, yes yes to reusable swim diapers.

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