Tees, Please


We’re a tee & jeans kinda family, except on church and in that case, Ken is a tee & jeans man and I’m a tee & pencil skirt lady and Bee’s a tee & whatever-is-clean toddler. We like to keep things low key and incredibly launderable (not a word) and also slightly disheveled. It looks good on us.

As I’ve unpacked suitcase after suitcase from all of our travels as of late, I’ve realized a very real theme to our obsession: minimalist, monochromatic and graphic. (You’re surprised, aren’t you? I know. So predictable.) Here are a few recent faves, if you’re in the market!:

For The Ladies: Midwest Tee ($22) and Scribble Tee ($16)
For The Gents: Triangle Tee ($95)* and Casual Friday Tee ($36)For The Littles: Dope Tee ($44)* and Striped Tee ($15)

*These feel a bit pricey to me, so hey, that’s what fabric paint is for. You’re welcome.

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