Dolled Up

One of Bee’s favorite toys to play with at Grandma’s house is a custom Victorian dollhouse my mother designed and built in her hey day (I know!). Bee loves helping the tiny baby take a bath in the miniature tub, or wash dishes and fold laundry in the kitchen (Dollhouse World clearly produces some very domestically productive babies). And although I have plans to build our own dollhouse together someday, Bee’s a bit young for the task now. Enter, The Dollhouse Book.

A foldable, customizable book of 30 blank pages and “sets” to decorate, re-decorate and re-decorate again. My inner interior designer is jumping up and down at the billions of different rooms to illustrate, and I love that it’s a non-committal purchase at just $35. (There’s little worse than spending a ton of money on an activity that isn’t enjoyed, am I right?)

A smart alternative for small space dwellers (just fold it up when finished playing!), I love that it invites kids into the creative process of building/designing your own toys. Three cheers, Rock & Pebble!

p.s. The apple playhouse and modern pebbles are quite darling, too, if you’re in the market!

  • Bee is so lucky to have portable dollhouse options!! Back in my day, I just colored on the dog when I was bored and had no paper around; this paper dollhouse is a much better option that everyone will thank you for. Oh, I remember playing with that rotating dollhouse! It was great for keeping me occupied and giving my parents a break.

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