New-Fashioned Beauty


This morning, may we brush our teeth in gentleness, flossing with a taut line from Plato: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” Rinse in confidence – swish – spit the doubts – splat – and watch them swirl into the sink. Let them go.

May we exfoliate our faces with the challenges today might bring, scrubbing layers of content and ease to reveal a newer, radiant skin. Add SPF to protect from harsh words and half-truths and past mistakes (I love SProverbsF 30:5, but 40+ is nice, too).

May we prime our skin for a foundation in purity and service and forgiveness, concealing all blemishes with a grace we’ll never deserve. Line eyes with a wisdom unveiled in a deep shade of purple; royalty. Stain lips with a shade of modesty and humility, always prepared to speak encouragement to those who need to hear it most. (Sometimes, that’s us.) Pierce our ears with words of truth and meditations from our hearts.

Moisturize our hands for offering help to all we meet. Untangle our hair (doubts) and tame the flyaways (fears) with a fragrant oil of purpose and direction. And may we pause in the mirror reflection before us, one that glows youthfully with a childlike faith and a confident spirit.

Enjoy your day, beautiful girl. XO.

p.s. You can skip the oil-controlling blotting sheets, by the way. Let that love shine all day long.

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