Just popping in to share a few darling Halloween costumes for next month. Bee’s going to be an astronaut (thanks for the hand-me-down, Charlie!), but if you’re in the market, there are some super cute options this year!:

A superhero!

A jar of Nutella!

A parrot (still one of my favorite Bee costumes!).

A baby rocket!

…and a DIY strongman! Plus more genius ideas from Jordan here.

Tell me, what are your littles going to be for Halloween? Do you celebrate in a unique way, or not at all? I’d love to hear!

p.s. For the twin crowd, salt and pepper!

  • Bee will make a FABULOUS astronaut! Forrest is going as a Pirate, assuming he’ll wear whatever I come up with. It has to be something that will survive a day at preschool… = )

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