A Place To Rest

There are certain people in our lives that give freely of themselves, offering their time and talents and advice to anyone in need. It’s a rare treat to know these people, and an even rarer treat to have the pleasure to call one of these people a member of your family.


My mother-in-law is one of such people. From impromptu dog-sitting to parenting advice to a laundry-folding helping hand, Betsy is – has always been – there when we’re in need. Ken and I are lucky enough to live just two doors down from her – a short walk to a friendly hello, a listening ear, a toddler whisperer and the best short ribs you’ll ever eat in your life.


So when she mentioned she wanted to transform a spare room into a guest oasis for out-of-town visitors, nieces or nephews, I wasn’t at all surprised. That’s so Betsy – dedicating space not for herself, but for others. And because she does so, so much for others, Ken and I thought it might be time for her to receive the royal treatment she doles out daily.


So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work to create a haven for the hearts and souls under Betsy’s roof. We settled on a muted color scheme to coordinate with her modern, neutral kitchen and living space. Because Betsy spent many summers on a bay in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, we wanted to bring a bit of the calming coastal inspiration to her everyday life.


Still, we were on a tight budget. So we stacked wood crates as nightstands, ordered inexpensive bedding and unrolled a jute rug we found on clearance.


The headboard is a re-purposed door from the home of Betsy’s dearest friends. She recently helped them renovate their kitchen, and I love that her new headboard is a symbol of the time, talent and labor she’s given to so many.


Ken installed gooseneck lighting into the headboard to allow for cozy nighttime reading, and I added in a few spa-like touches for the ultimate guest room getaway.


(Sidenote: fun social experiment. Show a mix of men and women the books on the nightstand and listen for a woman’s reaction “That’s genius!” vs. the man’s reaction, “I don’t get it.”)


Betsy wanted the space to feel like a retreat, so we installed hooks and robes, ready to be sleepily donned as her guests pad out to the kitchen for cold cereal and hot coffee.


But the true star of the show – the ultimate indulgence – is the bed. It’s the ComforPedic iQ from Beautyrest (have you heard of it yet?), a breakthrough mattress with Smart Response Technology that automatically adjusts to different body weights and positions (perfect for a rotating set of guests!) – plus boasts Ultra Cool Memory Foam, a padded cooling feature to keep a comfortable temperature all night long.


For someone who spends her days helping others, we loved gifting Betsy such a luxurious bed to pamper her guests at night. Fun fact: the ComforPedic iQ from Beautyrest is the only mattress endorsed by world-renowned Dr. Andrew Weil, medical doctor and Harvard Medical School Graduate, which of course, retired nurse Betsy just loved.

Betsy loved the makeover, and we trust she’ll rest easy knowing she (and her guests) are loved and cared for by many far and wide – and a few folks just two doors down.


Here’s to a good night’s sleep for all, for the helpers and the servers and the mothers-in-law (the great and the not-so-great). Mine happens to fall in the former camp, but if yours doesn’t, might I suggest a new mattress? Warm beds make for warm hearts, after all.

p.s. This post was brought to you by ComforPedic iQ from Beautyrest; all opinions (and fantastic mother-in-laws) are my own.

  • Really calm and beautifully done! I love the rug under the end of the bed…such a great anchor,you forget about the carpet, it really brings it all together. Love the lights and door headboard too!!!

  • This beautiful room suits Betsy perfectly! I can just hear how excited she must have been…the headboard with reading lamps is so clever and I love the gauzy, light drapes.

  • What a beautiful way to give back to the loved one who gives so much to you. I’m blessed with a family that’s like your mother-in-law (on both sides) and relish the opportunities to get to show them the same kind of love they always give (without fail or asking!) in return.

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