Our Latest Project


We’ve been teasing this a bit on Instagram, but we launched the official news right here last week. That’s right – another renovation! (I can’t believe it either.) For those of you who have been following since our HGTV.com show, you’ll know we still had one last space to finish in this home when we took a hiatus to welcome Bee into our hammer-wielding world. And while I’ve been slowly but surely gaining my motherhood footing, Ken’s been transforming the basement from full studs to total glory. Want to see?

We’ve shared our first makeover here, but thought it might be fun to give you a sneak peek of what’s to come – complete, industrial madness mixed with cozy textures and natural finishes. Because I was granted full decorating license upstairs, the basement is Ken’s territory – his realm of manlihood. (Why are some cliches so difficult to overcome?) Luckily, he’s got great taste and with a bit of compromise (you know I chose the rug), we settled on a moodboard a la this:


And because I cannot possibly talk style without waxing poetic about substance, I’ll share with you why we chose an industrial vibe for the space. See, Ken’s father (Papa Bill) was an ironworker – one of the best around – and we love glancing at the rusted metal, welded iron and exposed copper and thinking of him. The work ethic that he passed along to Ken is a gift we’ll enjoy for years and years and years, and it’s not lost on us that he played a large role in teaching Ken the value of building something with your own two hands.


Papa Bill – we promise to pass the torch.


We’ll be checking in later this month to share more of the space, but in the mean time, visit hayneedle.com to see our latest progress – the game room / bar! Or, visit my Pinterest board where I’ll be updating the latest products we’ve added to the room!

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