Two and a Half

Two and a half is cashew crumbs and puzzle pieces and crayon wrappers strewn around the office floor.

Two and a half is – day after day – removing yet another tag from her shirt, pants, stuffed animals because, “Mom, I did not invite them to be there. They are making me crazy.”

It’s piles of blankets on the kitchen floor telling stories about the hungry hippopotamus who accidentally ate a boot. A parade around the kitchen island – bumblebee baton in one hand, Frosty in the other. Another haircut. Another fingernail trimming. Another bubble bath.

Two and a half is a lunchtime prayer – hands clasped, eyes tight shut – “God, you can borrow our gray van if you promise to bring it back in three hours.”

It’s a mother’s heart melting, a father’s laugh lines deepening.

It’s another grocery run for Play-Doh, another masterpiece drawing to mail, another lost sock in the laundry.

It’s a hidden confidence; an unspoken independence.

Two and a half is alphabet songs, cut-up grapes. It’s “Chase me! Throw me! Catch me! Spin me!”

It’s the holy ordinary. The sacred mundane.

The curbside treasure.

  • Erin I swear our kids are twins separated at birth, down to the bright blonde hair (I’m still attempting to figure out where that came from). There truly is magic in the daily ordinary, although sometimes it’s hard to see. But how refreshing is the world when it’s seen renewed through our children’s’ eyes, yes? Here’s to many more laugh lines and art messes, because therein lies the adventure! Hugs to you

  • What a gorgeous reminder that God is in the details and often found most purely in His youngest loves. Thank you for a glimpse into the glory that is real life!

  • This made my heart swell and I don’t even have kids. You write so beautifully and inspire to jot my own words down. Thank you for letting us have little peeks at your life.

  • I don’t have kids of my own, but I do work in a preschool with little ones such as yours. This reminds we to look at the little things happening and appreciating them before they’re gone. I hope I can remember this if and when I decide to have children of my own. Thanks for sharing!

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