Outfit 25 (Part 4)

Another week, another round of outfits built from the 25 items currently hanging in my closet. I am beating a dead horse here, and so I will simply say this: I have fallen ill to the matters of reducing. I find myself purging everything, from pantries to toy bins and craft closets to medicine cabinets. My local thrift store loves me, or hates me – of yet I have to determine – from the sheer amount of frequent drop-offs they’ve endured.

I will take pause to say a prayer for the man at the donations door, for his kind eyes and judgment-free smile when I – just last week – four ceramic animals, an entryway mirror and a floral chiffon skirt.

I don’t know that I’ll continue documenting these outfits for spring, but I know I’ll continue my ruthlessness going forward. I have learned much about the cycle of just one article of unnecessary clothing – the time spent perusing, then deciding, then ultimately purchasing, then perhaps returning – back to the store once the weight of regret sinks in – or perhaps keeping, on rare occasions, only to find that its place in the rotation is unnecessary – and at best, wasted space.

I have enough. There is enough.

I will also say this: it has been altogether lovely to publicly declare this project, in this space, because there is accountability. I have found myself, numerous times in aisle nine at Target (why is it always Target?) feeling doughy in the middle and wrinkled in the forehead, just passing through the sweaters and thinking, oh, another gray tunic. That sounds good. That sounds like another day I could put off laundry, and another layer to cover my flaws, and another pick-me-up to settle my soul for the day.

And then I think of you, and this project, and I realize I couldn’t wear it even if I did buy it, because I’ve decided. I’ve decided on 25, and one gray tunic makes 26, and then where would we be?

I will always be in need of boundaries, and I will likely forever be setting them – rules and regulations to be bent and twisted, some breaking off with each passing season – another branch I do not wish to carry.

But for now, for right this moment, this is what I want to carry. Less. I want to carry less.

To see the 25 items I’m wearing all winter long, click here. First week of outfits here; second week here; third week here; fourth week below!

OUTFIT #21: 013015007 / 009
OUTFIT #22: 014025006 / 010
OUTFIT #23: 015007 / 022
OUTFIT #24: 019021007 / 011
OUTFIT #25: 001023 / 011

For those of you who minimized your wardrobe this season, I’d love to hear your experience! How did you fare? Love it or hate it? I’m all ears (eyes).

  • You look great! This project is very inspiring. I LOVE your necklaces in outfits 6 and 7. Would you mind telling me where you got them? Thank you!

    • The necklace in outfit 6 is from a maker in the Netherlands (no longer for sale), and the necklace in outfit 7 is from Etsy YEARS ago! Wish I could be of more help with current links, but you might check out Need Supply or Poketo? I always love their jewelry. :)

  • I’m not with a budget to buy anything new (as a third year – albeit mature, at the age of 29! – student), and so have found myself wearing the same stuff again and again and again, mostly feeling miserable whilst doing so, BUT…your 25 posts have made me realise that there’s little need for anything more, except creativity and good accessories! I’ll be downsizing my already teeny wardrobe once we move at the beginning of April (into a room in a student halls of residence meant for one, to be shared by two!) and will endeavour to build a foundation of good items once I have a little cash-flow – thank you for the motivation, Erin!

    • Yes to good accessories and a bit of creativity! I can’t wait to see the foundation you build – go get ’em, tiger! :)

  • hi erin! i was recently gifted your gorgeous fashionABLE scarf. i just lost all my hair because of chemo, bummer, but the headscarves are actually super fun and way easier than hair :)
    do you have a tutorial that you used for your adorable turban-esque head wrap? the scarf looks toooo cute on you!
    this blog has always been something i come back to… i love your style/design sense/ and the way you write. you’re stellar, erin!

    • Hi Katie:

      First of all, sending prayers as you battle chemo – I’m sure that’s quite a long journey and am praying for warm healing vibes, recovery comfort your way. :)

      I don’t have a tutorial for the way I tie my headscarves but have done some digging and I do something very similar to this gal in #8:

      There are a lot of other cute looks, too (I like #4 also!) in case you get bored tying it the same way. ;)

      Sending love and prayers, Katie!!!!!!!!! And thank you for your kind encouragement. :)

  • It’s so funny, because as I’m packing my life down to two suitcases (and a carry-on), I find myself needing to downsize. Once I did I was like, “I have nothing to wear and no money to buy clothes!”

    These posts have helped a lot, and I might start doing a challenge like so soon. Thanks for your inspiration as always.

    PS. Love your style!

    • Two suitcases? So exciting, but I’m sure it feels really daunting, too. Wishing you the best, Clarissa! :)

  • Hi Erin!

    Question for you. Do you know of anyone on-line doing a capsule wardrobe (and documenting it online) who lives in a REALLY cold climate?

    This is SO appealing to me, and I’ve been working on pairing down my wardrobe, but my family is about to move from Florida to Michigan. It’s so hard for me to imagine how this sort of thing would translate when layers upon layers are required to even leave the house. :)

  • Great outfits! I love seeing the combinations you’re creating.
    *Smiled when I read about the smaller donation you had one week. I was at the thrift shop a few years ago, waiting in line in my car, and a young guy drove up, handed the shop employee one sweater and drove off. I was first surprised then full of admiration for the young guy who had it right. My method of waiting until I have a box or two full of things to give away doesn’t have to be my standard. I too can drive up, hand over one item, and drive away :) Freeing!

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