10 Minute Pickles

You know me. I cannot just share a recipe and leave it at that. Because these pickles, you should know, are incredible, yes. But what is even more so incredible is that, on a Friday afternoon, I became a new version of myself:

I became one who pickles. I am officially a pickler! What?

I do not try new things, typically. It’s not an official rule; it’s just that I will always make the decision that offers more comfort (I know, this is always the worst idea), and new things can bring discomfort. Mostly.

And yet, occasionally, the new thing seems do-able. It seems like it cannot possibly fail, and look, when the reward is pickles and the cost is ten minutes and some mini cucumbers from your garden, the decision just kind of makes itself for you, you know?

And so, the pickle recipe that made me a pickler, courtesy of my friend Shannan:

10 Minute Refrigerator Dill Pickles

This recipe is a bit of a pickling gateway; you have been warned. I am pickling everything in my kitchen – green beans, cauliflower – and I am three good decisions away from just pouring this concoction directly into my breakfast eggs and calling it dessert.

To become a world traveler, you must only buy a plane ticket. To become a writer, you must only write. And to become a pickler, you must only grab a ball jar to fill.

Here’s to reinventing a small part of ourselves – with every choice we make, with whatever we can find in the garden.

(Just add vinegar.)

  • I hear pickling can be an addiction. My only saving grace is I’m too lazy to build the 8-foot enclosure required to grow vegetables in deer-abounding country so I don’t have so many extra veggies I feel the need to resort to pickles. Because my toddler won’t eat them which means I would. And now I want to try this. Darn you, Erin!! = )

    • Ha, I totally hear you. Grocery run for green beans and mini cucumbers? IT IS WORTH IT!!! :)

  • Timing in perfection! I had a bowl of fresh purple beans from our garden sitting in the fridge awaiting my decision for its fate. I whipped up a jar of what I’m dubbing “FRIDGE BEANS!” last night and can’t wait to try them out. Thanks, Erin!

  • What??? See. You’re magic. Pure and simple. You just turned pickling into a whole way of BEING.

    Also, didn’t I quote you almost verbatim on the “avoiding discomfort” thing?

    You + me. Two (pickled) peas.

  • out of the blue, ill say, thank u for introducing me to mixed media art, which i sincerely thought u had named that, jaja. it was my first time in the web at my house, w/o dial up system, i know! and i used to parade around here when i took a brake from my thesis, so, thank you! that s all :)

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