Bee is 3. We’ve spent the week in tiny, intermittent celebrations – a slice of cake at one grandmother’s house, a trip to the ice cream shop with another. It has been quiet, with joy. It has been sweet.

Yesterday, she ran around with the fly swatter for an hour, challenging herself to exterminate all distractions. Gotcha! Gotcha! Did NOT Gotcha! she had shouted.

We have been running to and fro this summer, and we feel the pull. We are being stretched. Soon, the stretch will be wide enough to expand, wide enough to cover another little one.

What do you want to eat for your birthday, we ask?

Pants, she giggles.

Today, I will bring her a balloon. We will play another round of Memory, and we will eat bananas with the skin off, and we will save room for an adventure, whatever the day will bring.

I changed my mind. I want bacon!

We will have bacon for dinner.

Last week, she saw her birthday present – a favorite library book – unwrapped in the office. I had ordered her own copy, and it came during dinner hour. I’d forgotten to hide it.

It’s for your birthday, I had said. We’ll have to wait.

Waiting is really really really hard sometimes, she says.

It is.

It is harder than riding my bike, she says.

It is.

Bee is 3. Soon, we will be 4.

We will wait. We will play Memory, we will have bacon, we will ride bikes.

It will be quiet, with joy.

It will be sweet.

  • Another year with a lovely daughter and a new little one on the way. Those are both wonderful things to celebrate.

    Yes, sometimes waiting is hard. I’m trying to teach my little ones that sometimes the anticipation can be glorious.

  • Happy birthday, Bee!
    And congrats, Mama… (Did I read that ‘4’ part right?)

    • thank you! yes to 4, but via adoption – not the old-fashioned way. ;) we’re patiently waiting!

  • Cheers all around, for the joys of waiting, the joys of stretching, the joys of being 3 and 4. Hugs

  • I love this!!! I saw 2 subtle hints of becoming a family of 4?!! If so congrats!!!!!:)

    I love your posts and so happy for you.

  • Oh, you clever lady. I saw how you did that! Happy Birthday Miss B and congratulations!

    • ah, thank you! i’m not pregnant, but we’ve just finished our adoption paperwork and are patiently awaiting our next steps! :)

  • How lovely! One thing that won’t have to stretch is love. It multiplies so easily! Jo

  • Congratulations on Bee’s birthday and an upcoming sibling!! Children are gifts, no matter how they are delivered. :)

  • After two emotional pregnancies and post-partums, I cannot wait to announce we are waiting for baby – love the way you weaved it in, just as that sibling will weave into your schedules and routines. Hooray for little ones! Our eldests “3” is in a couple weeks, and it’s much anticipated. Congrats, mama.

  • I know it’s late, but Happy Birthday Bee! My daughter’s birthday is tomorrow and she will be 3 as well. She’s also a B! :)

    And congrats to you and your growing, special family. You are an inspiration to me in so many ways. May you feel a sense of peace and joy through this whole experience. Maybe soon I will also welcome a new one into our family (our road hasn’t been one of ease). Until then, I will enjoy every moment I have with my munchkin. All the best, Erin!

    • Ohhh happy bday to your sweet girl! :) And thank you for your encouragement, Ariana – you are so kind!

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