Questions Before 9am

Mom? What rhymes with air conditioner?
What about plankton?

Hey, how’d you sleep?
Want coffee?
Did you sign the paperwork?

Does plankton rhyme with clankton?
Can I stay in my pajamas today?
Can I have ketchup?
What’s a home study?

Does your mom need the car seat?
Are we forgetting anything?
Did you make copies of everything? Should we bring them?

Your mom’s here. Did you pack Bee’s lunch?

Bee? Can you get the door for Grandma?

Hey! How’s your morning?
Do you need extra grapes? We have extra grapes.

You’ll be kind and respectful to Grandma, yes?
How much do we love you?

Do we have time to stop for gas?
What do you think they’ll ask us?
Are you nervous?

Can we do this?
Is this Pike Street?
Can we handle this?
Is this the place?
Is it all going to be OK?
Are we here?

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