She: Calling them hand fives. I’ll have done something smart like remembering to switch the laundry or googling what hedgehogs eat (cat food, go figure?) and she’ll say, Great job, Mom. Hand five.

It’s been arts and crafts, crafts and arts. There is a thin layer of glue smattering everything east of the office. I’m uncharacteristically nonchalant over the mess. You know I’ve always had a soft spot for good old-fashioned art.

At night, she plugs her nose when she does a somersault in her bed. I laugh for days.

Me: Last week, I’d meant to order five apples from the co-op, but I ordered five pounds of apples. I’ve done this before, and you’d think I’d have learned my lesson (applesauce for breakfast, lunch, dinner, beyond), but this has got to be the third time in a year? I blame book edits. My head is in the clouds, on the page, anywhere but here.

He: Finally home from a crazed travel season.

We: Finally home.

  • Glad to hear that you are all settling in. I can picture the somersault! What an endearing little habit? Distracted ordering lead to me having 3 different boxes of dishwasher tabs because I kept thinking we’d run out. It is part of life I suppose! The reasons you’re distracted are awesome and the rewards will be amazing and you’ll, someday, have a chance to focus on apple orders again ;]

  • I always know I’m distracted by something when I realize I now have three tubs of sour cream (or something equally inane) in the fridge. And aren’t three-year-olds the funniest? Well, mine is going through an ‘I want to do it myself but not if you want me to’ phase, but otherwise he’s a hoot. = )

  • Tell me about that sweater and pants! I’m dying for some new comfy casuals for working and playing around the house…trying to get out of my pjs more in 2016. ;-)

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