She: Collecting ants. Digging for worms. Riding loops on her balance bike. Reading her first sentences. Fighting with Bernie. Asking for Band-Aids, asking to visit Grandma, asking for a sibling. Wishing for the moon.

He: Planning a renovation project for fun (I cannot relate to this man’s level of energy). Listening to 70’s on high octane. Fixing mantels for friends, building patios for friends, designing humidors for friends. Inventing new potato recipes (Mesquite! Who knew?). Hanging the moon.

Me: Collecting final signatures, references. Making copies. Stuffing envelopes, licking adhesive, sealing paperwork. Searching for a stamp. Scrawling “Adoption Services” on the front. Driving to the post office. Sending it all. A breath, a prayer. Waiting for the moon.

p.s. Thanks for this sweet photo, Ruth!

  • I’m a newer follower so don’t know the backstory but I wish you the best of luck! We’re struggling to have a second baby and I want to give my daughter a sibling, I searched adoption agencies this week and had a flutter of hope. Both my sisters are adopted and it’s an amazing thing, I hope you’ll update us. Sending love and hope from MN.

    • Oh Eleanor, it’s great to hear from you! We’ve been on this path for about three years (although ours has had many twists and turns, so it took a bit longer!). I feel like we’re in the home stretch as we wait, wait, wait. :) It’s been a beautiful process so far, although I admittedly know nothing of what to expect. :) Wishing you peace and love as you move through your journey as well!

  • Lovely, so lovely. US: Forrest – drawing people, knows how to spell his name but would rather not write it, wants a sister who is older than him. Matt – busy at work, recently discovered the joys of green smoothies, might want another baby. Me – would rather be drawing than at work, prepping for a life-changing trip to Costa Rica, still wanting another baby, so much. Thank you for letting me share!

    • A BAAAABY?!?!?! OMG OMG OMG OMG! This is so exciting! I hope Matt’s might is a must soon enough – you guys raise kids to have such funny personalities! So selfishly, I want you to have another one, too. ;)

      (Enjoy Costa Rica! Safe travels!)

  • Erin, I think Bea and my daughter are the same age, and I’d love to know what you’ve found to be the most effective way to start introducing reading concepts to her. Thanks!

  • Some babies grow in the mothers womb, others grow in the mothers heart. My daughter, adopted 9 years ago from China, grew in my heart for 2 years. All the paperwork, waiting, more paperwork and more waiting will bless you with the baby that was meant for you. Families are made with love!

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