Me, Elsewhere

Well, really, it was a true treat to chat with Brooke McAlary on her podcast, Slow Your Home. Listen, I’m far from a podcaster, but every now and then – on solo road trips or while mowing the lawn – I’ll plug in for a listen. Brooke’s is a good one – she’s kind, purely golden, with a cheerful spirit and thoughtful heart. Talking with her is what I’m imagining therapy is like? (#perhapsdontburstmybubble)

Click through on iTunes to listen to the episode, ‘Caring More & Caring Less’ — I’ll be the one blathering on about my definition of slow living, styrofoam dinner parties and my favorite 83-year-old, Nancy.

Over and out, for now.

  • I’m a huge fan of podcasts, and am always on the lookout for new ones to listen to. I just clicked on the link and saw that Brooke is from my hometown! Crazy! Will definitely have to have a listen, it’s always so nice to hear an Aussie accent on a podcast :)

    • Oh that is SO crazy!!! And isn’t her accent the greatest? Do you have the same one? Oh I love a good Aussie accent!

  • Erin, it was so fun to hear your actual voice! I don’t consider myself part of the slow movement per se, but I’m striving daily to be more mindful; I so appreciate your thoughts and ideas and vulnerabilities on the same.


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