Slices of Life // 02

Bee’s crafting chaos, always. // Spoils from Ken’s weekly chore as the officially unofficial Yard Tender. I’m working on this, but I swear, I will never remember to mow the lawn until the grass is at least knee high. #SorryNeighbors // Dinner party and book pre-launch remnants on the tip-top shelf. // Bee’s favorite birthday gift, our endless entertainment. // New toddler independence level unlocked: hourly hand-washing. “I’ve got the germ, Mom. I just know it.”

  • And here I have mine running out of the bathroom gleefully announcing “I washed without soap!” Back you go, mister. LOL

  • I am dying over “toddler independence level unlocked.” Mine just figured out how to open my bedside drawers, which is where I’ve been keeping my stash of treats for nap time consumption. It’s hard to be excited about these milestones when it means less independence for yourself.

    • ha, you are too right! and man, how is it that a toddler can hear a snickers being unwrapped from a mile away?!?!

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