Slices of Life // 06

‘A wooden doll gone headless, a fork and a slew of dominoes walk into the bar…’ In other words, Bee has learned the art of “cleaning up.” // This man takin’ the night shift, over and over, without complaints. #MarriedUp // The current state of my nightstand, and my friend Shannan’s book that’s been working overtime to wreck me in the best of ways. // Making space for the little, i.e. burpcloths in the kitchen drawer, i.e. why didn’t I think of this earlier?! // God bless MamaRoo.

  • What a perfect capture of life. I’m catching up on all the changes in your life recently. Looks like you are handling it beautifully. What a special, emotional time. When I had my second I worried that my oldest would struggle, but he adored his little sis and would just lay by her on the floor chatting and looking at the ceiling. Things have a way of coming together just the way they are supposed to. Congratulations to your family!

    • Oh Nicole, thank you!!!! What a sweet brother and sister bond your little ones will have!!!!!!! :) Thank you for sharing. :)

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